4 ways Pinterest can help you grow your business! There are so many great things that Pinterest can do that other social media platforms can’t. Without Pinterest my personal blog would not be where it is today.

If you don’t have Pinterest for your business yet, then you should really look into it as I am going to be sharing with you some awesome things it can do for you & your business.

Pinterest To Sell Your Products & Services

On Pinterest you can sell your products & services in a click of a button. Its simple, easy , and you can do it buy using a clear visual of what it is your selling. People become attracted to seeing visuals more than just text or hearing it by voice.

You can make visuals of any color, design or style you wish which makes it fun and gets your creative mind going. I personally use Canva to make all my Pinterest Pins. (I will leave you a link at the bottom if you would like to check out Canva)

Did you know you can even add pricing to your products and you can list them in the pinterest gift section that they have so anyone and everyone can see them.

I don’t do that just because I like to market my business more than the products and I like to lead with the business on Pinterest. I do have some Ideal Pins that I do pin to Pinterest that may be me marketing the product such as a picture of me holding our liquid collagen & telling everyone about our botox in a bottle but I like to do it in a way to build curiosity.

I never recommend saying your companies name directly and to leave it a mistery until you have personally talked with them. This helps build connection with you before you even talk about the products or services. This also helps not have your possoble customer goign to google to look up all sorts of misinformed info.

Market Your Blog, Videos, Tiktoks Etc.

You can market your blog posts if you have a blog. I market my blog posts every single day and every time I come out with a new blog. I create new blog posts weekly for my audience to bring value to them and help them in their online businesses.

When I create a blog post, I also do a YouTube video that goes with every blog. This way they can have no only a written form of the blog but they get to hear me expain it in video. Let’s be real not everyone is up for reading 1,000 plus word blog every week.

Having my blog and YouTube on Pinterest has helped me grow my blog traffic significantly. I have doubles my traffic to my website. My website also has my social media channels on their as well as my YouTube channel so it brings more people to my accounts.

On my blog I have products and services that I offer at than end of my blogs and it gets people from all over to buy and take action on my services and products.

I like to reuse my Tiktok Videos and post them on Pinterest. It helps me give valueable content to my audience without having to do a lot of duplication & recreating. This could also help grow your other accounts on social media.

People Other Then Family & Friends

What I love the most about Pinterest is it gets people other than my friends and family seeing my services or products. I opens it up to people who are actually interested in my niche or what it is I have to offer.

It categories your pins for the real people who are truly interested in your stuff.

Pinterest also has group board that allows you to basically post in a Pinterest group( Kinda like Facebook groups) and it shows your pins to people that might following others in your niche and it helps expand your content to people that may not be following you.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytic is awesome because it shows you what pins are doing the best, what group boards are helping you bring the most traffic to your website. It shows you who, is looking at your pins & following you.

You can see how many monthly viewer are viewing your content every single month & where their coming from.

When people start to follow you, you can than check them out and their profiles to see maybe what it is that their interested in and what maybe had them interested in your content. It could help you come up with new blog posts or new pins that may attract the people already looking at your pins and content.

Pinterest Business Account

Now if you don’t have a Pinterest account I highly suggest getting one to help you grow your business. These 4 ways can really make an impact on your business. I also wanted to mention that when getting a Pinterest account that you make sure to get a business Pinterest account rather than a personal one. It is free to have a business account option and it allows you to do so many other cool features and things that the regular one does not.

I hope this article brought value to you and it taught you really how much Pinterest can do for your business.

Like I do in every blog, today’s freebie I am going to give you a check list of the top important things you need when making your very first pin so it can drive traffic to your website.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you use Pinterest for your business? How many monthly Viewers do you have??




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