A mother daughter bond is so special in so many ways. There is no other love like a mini human version of yourself. Waking up everyday seeing that beautiful girl walking, talking, acting just like how you use to. Brings back the old days to when I was little.

Beautiful Mini You

Every day I thank God for being gifted my little girl. She is a piece of heaven I needed and dreamed of on this earth. Seeing her grow up and getting bigger day by day breaks my heart. I don’t want her to get big and not need me anymore. We have a bond that no one could ever replace.

A mother daughter love and relationship is something she will need her whole life. Whether she needs me for doing her hair, teaching her how to ride a bike, or even one day picking out a beautiful wedding dress. (Dear gosh did I just say that?) I hope she grows up knowing how important our relationship is and cherishes it with all of her heart, just like I do!

You know how people say Karma will come back to get you? Well that kinda happens when you bring a mini you into the would. All the days you wouldn’t get out of bed for your mom which started a huge yelling fight and basically she had to pour water on you just to get you up? Yep, my daughter got that trait and let me tell you I regret everyday I wouldn’t get out of bed for my mom now. She also got my horrible, sassy, diva attitude which My husband can tell you is not a good thing (LOL). I wouldn’t change her sassy, diva self for anything else. She is my pride & Joy and will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Kindergarten Hit Me Hard

Kennedy Started Kindergarten this year, lets just say the day she started she also started a lot of other new things as well. The things I was not ready for at all.

Day 1 hit she let me walk her up to school give her a kiss, hug & wait until the school bell rang. I was so thankful this year to be able to take her to her first day. Her first day of preschool I had to take work off and than rush back into work not getting much time with her as I wanted.

Day 2 hit she comes home telling me about a new boy she saw in her class that she’s been playing with. She also wouldn’t let me help her with breakfast because she wanted to be a big girl this time she said (Her we go with not needing me). I had this feeling in my stomach that turned but I thought to myself it’s fine she’s getting big I should be proud of her.

Day 3 hits running to the car faster than ever she yells to me “mom can I have a boy spend the night”. BOOM just like that I look at her straight-faced and said but than I won’t be able to cuddle you tonight. She gets all shy saying mom SHH. She is 5 years old too young to be talking about any boys ( I whisper to myself).

Day 4 is coming in like wild fire when she tells me I am no longer allowed to walk her to her class room door anymore. She tells me Mom I love you but I am a big girl now. She makes sure to kiss & hug me before she even gets out of the car. I am heart broken and almost in tears as I watch her walk up to the door. When your kids start to get bigger and slowly stop ‘needing’ you it crushes your darn soul.

Day 5 by now I am realizing she wants to do this on her own. She wants to show me she is big and responsible. But what she is about to say next I was not ready for. She gets ready to leave the car and says “mom today I need you to go to the store and buy me a bunch of training bra’s”. My jaw drops to the floor and I think to myself she really is getting so grown up please stop growing.

4 Years Of Bonding

For 4 straight years we were able to do so many things together. I cherish those moments forever. Seeing her walk for the 1st time, Hearing her first word, & saying Momma & Daddy. We got to spend so much time together painting nails, playing outside, & going on walks. The thing I miss the most is afternoon cuddles those were by far the best.

Growing Up Day by Day

I have come to realize day by day she is going to get a little bigger and is going to want to do things on her own. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t need me even though it sure feels that way. I know that she loves me and will still need me no matter how big or old she gets. We as moms feel sad when our kiddos start wanting to do things on their own. We want them to stay little forever because the time sure does go fast.

Kennedy is growing up to be a strong independent little girl that I taught her to be. We may not have as much time together during the day like we use to but it’s ok I know she is going to do amazing things. She is growing up but we can still make time to bond. Don’t let life get so busy you don’t have time to still connect and enjoy life with your kids. As a mom we have a lot of things in common with our daughters that we can connect with, so take advantage of it and spend quality time with them.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Moms teach your little girls to shine bright and reach for the stars. Tell them every day that you love them & are proud of them. Sure she might already know it but hearing it brightens them up & puts that big smile on their face that we love to see. Our daughters look up to us more than anyone they know, of course they look up to their daddys too but daddys don’t always understand what little girls go through like us moms because they didn’t experience the same things. ( if you know what I mean). Show your daughter that she can be anything she wants to be if she works hard and follows her dreams!


Moms How old is your daughter? What type of activities do you do together to keep your special bond? Comment below I would love to hear about it šŸ™‚

– Brianna Close

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