Mom of 2 a house cleaning schedule is an absolute must. When I never had one and just did whatever I had time for I felt like nothing was ever getting done especially the important things. I would always forget the bigger cleaning projects and keep say “oh well I’ll get to it next week”. Having a cleaning schedule has been such a game changer not just for me but my family to.

Clean Home Is A Happy Home

I don’t know about you but for me as a mom I get horrible anxiety about a messy and unorganized house. I feel like the days are frustrating and I feel grumpy looking around seeing a total mess. When their are piles of laundry and dishes stacking up by the minute it feels never ending and overwhelming. While cleaning one room another gets messy because the kiddos want to play and make a mess as you clean it.

Trying to find things in a mess house sure makes it a heck of a lot longer to find and sometimes you won’t even end up finding the dang thing you were looking for. When the house is clean and put together it makes the house so much happier. The kids can play in a nice clean area and pick up as they go and their is less fighting and arguing about where this or that might be.

When your kids are little having a clean home can also help keep germs and viruses away. No one enjoys playing in a mess or eating supper with clothes and bills all over the table trust me I been their and its not as relaxing.

Cleaning Schedule

I am going to give you a run down of what I personally do for my cleaning schedule.

Everyday Cleaning

  • Take out garbage
  • Wipe down counters & surfaces
  • Spot clean bathroom & counters
  • At least 1 load of laundry washed & put away
  • Start and unload dishwasher
  • Vacuum & Sweep all floors/Rugs
  • Pick up anything from night before
  • Make beds / Pick up where needed

Monday Kitchen Day

  • Wipe down all appliances & light switches
  • Scrub cupboard
  • Organize & Clean out cupboards
  • Sweep & Mop Floors
  • Dust any surfaces where needed

Tuesday Living Room & Hall Day

  • Vacuum all Floors
  • Wipe down all surfaces & light switches
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Vacuum furniture & under couch
  • Organize any bins or toys

Wednesday Bedrooms

  • Make all beds
  • Dust any surfaces & light switches
  • Wipe down all dressers
  • Organize any toys or clothes as needed
  • Vacuum all floors

Thursday Bathrooms

  • Sweep & Mop Floors
  • Dust all surfaces & light switches
  • Scrub sink, tub & toilet
  • Wash Rugs
  • Clean mirrors
  • Organize where needed

Friday Extra’s

  • Dust all fans or lights
  • Dust all vents
  • Clean any surfaces missed during the week
  • Organize any surfaces needed
  • Dust Picture frames if not done during week
  • Dust/wipe down any trim if needed

On the weekends we don’t normally do very many big chores because we are typically gone or doing things with our kids. We do our daily things every day with assigned room chores to make sure we keep up on everything. Sometimes we work on the garage or yard work if we are not busy on the weekend.

Create Something That Works For Your Family

My cleaning schedule may not work for you or your family so make sure you create one that works for you. I am a stay at home working mom so I do plan cleaning into my daily schedule but if you work full time you may have to pick different days for certain things such as pick cleaning chores. Maybe having all your big chores on the weekends works better for your family because you have more time. I know some people have their kids n sports and they work full time so during the week does not work for them.

Mom’s Need Help Cleaning

Wheather your a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom or maybe a working from home mom we all need any help we can get when it comes to cleaning. I know with 2 little ones at home things can get pretty crazy and no matter how hard I try to keep up sometimes its just not going to happen all the time.

We as moms get busy and tired to and slack once in a while. Sometimes I find myself skipping cleaning days and having to do 2 cleaning days in 1 day because things come up unexpectedly. Don’t be hard on yourself your kiddos won’t remember always having a clean house but what they will remember is all the memories and things you do with them.

Having the whole family help out will teach your kids how to keep things clean and organized for when they eventually grow up and are on their own. Even if they are younger their is aways something for them to do. My daughter is 5 and we have her make her own bed, empty garbage, unload dish washer, and even dust surfaces ( which she actually likes). My son is 2 which is a bit of a struggle to get him to help we do take him by the hand and show him how to pick up his toys. We try to make cleaning a fun time whether then a chore. We play music, dance, and sing to get everyone engaged and into it which really seems to help especially for my son who is 2.

Feeling Frustrated?

Make a cleaning schedule today! It will change your environment, and attitude of everyone living their I know it did for us. Coming home every day to a clean good smelling house takes a ton of weight off my shoulder and it will for you too. If your like me and are a Stay at home working mom feel free to copy my schedule and try it out, you can always change it as you go if you need. You won’t feel as frustrated knowing you have set days for certain cleaning chores and you will feel like you are getting so much more accomplished.

I want to hear from you. Do you have a cleaning schedule? Do you do laundry daily or do you have a laundry day?

* Brianna Close

    8 replies to "Best House Cleaning Schedule"

    • Castle

      Thank you for this article Brianna. It isn’t something that I would normally read. You are right it is essential to have a schedule to ensure you get the housework done, especially when you have a family. I am lucky my partner has the schedule and I have to follow it….. Or else. So I do what most men do…..what their other half says.

    • Lenka

      This is great advice. I really need a schedule for cleaning because I always do it chaotically and it only makes me more stressed. To have every day scheduled with different things to do and repeat them periodically every week in the same order seems like a good idea, it’s easy to adhere to it and you always know what to do. Thank you for sharing your schedule. 

    • Nina

      I am now, since I have a baby daughter, also completely disorganized in terms of cleaning and I am also a little stressed due to the mess.
      Making a cleaning plan is a great idea because then it’s easier to keep track of what you’ve already done, what still needs to be done, what to tidy up which day of the week.
      Your plan is a great example for me, and I’ll take a little look at it and adapt it to my liking. Thanks!

    • Daniella

      Hi Brianna,

      What a helpful cleaning schedule. This is exactly what I needed.

      I am a stay at home mom too, and when I see my house in a mess, it makes me feel depressed and overwhelmed. So I constantly need to clean and tidy up the house. It makes me feel good, but I never finish everything. There are some parts of the house I don’t even get close to like the windows, doors, and some corners because I am not well organized. So I count on this article to help me do my cleaning effectively. Do you use the same schedule every week? Or you make some changes sometimes? I ask this because I get bored very quickly:)
      Thank you!

    • brie

      I get bored quickly too. I personally just mix up the days if I get bored or what else I have done is instead of having set days for like kitchen I just cross off all the things listed throughout the week and as long as there done by end of the week I am happy! 🙂

    • brie

      So glad I could help 🙂 

    • brie

      I understand 100% because that was me and honestly sometimes still is because mom life happens. 

    • brie

      Lol My hubby is the same 

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