We as mom’s need all the comfy clothes we can get. Chasing around the kids all day is not fun in jeans (or at least not for me). I do not want to be pulling my pants up and down all day while my kids are running around outside. It’s no fun especially when you’re trying to play with your them and you don’t feel comfortable in your jeans. Bending over for diaper changes and picking up toys left and right. Especially if your kids are like mine and HATE picking up their toys. It’s all fun and games until you say time to clean up, then my kids are all of a sudden ready for bed. (LOL)

The Mom Body

Being a mom means our body’s had to take a toll. Stretching out your body in every spot possible which ends up leaving loose skin and stretch marks all over. Of course, we wouldn’t change it for the world and we have learned to deal with it. We need clothes that will suck in our bellies, and make us feel comfortable in our bodies. We want to feel confident, like we can concur the world. We all want to look awesome and have the best mom outfits!

Zyia Active Leaves You Feeling Confident

Back in January I tried Zyia Active Wear and let me tell you I was in total shock. The leggings feel buttery and ever so comfy. They didn’t leave my gut hanging out all over and a lot of them were high waisted which I loved to suck everything in. They also have mid rise as well and boy are they cute. I love how many styles, colors, & lengths they have to offer from leopard print, bold black, and even bright neon colors. I personally am a total leopard fan if I could have all the leopard and bright pink everything I would! The greatest party about their leggings ( in my opinion) is that a wide variety of them have pockets which is a huge must as a mom. We need pockets for bottles, binkies, sippy cups, snot rags, and trust me the list goes on.

Zyia active also offers a huge selection of items besides leggings as well. These are their clothing selections leggings, bras, shirts, tank tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, kids clothing, & even a mens section. My husband has several Zyia items and loves each of them. He loves that they are so stretching and easy to move in. Plus they are so lightweight and soft. My hubby is pictured here with the Zyia blue camo shirt, Guys you totally need these.

Their bras are just what I needed they hold everything up and in place. The breast cups are very padded for those blessed in the chest. These are their clothing selections so many cute styles and colors to choose from. My top 2 Favorite bras that I have tried are the grid bra and you can see me pictured here in the leopard grid bra. The grid bra will dress any shirt or tank top up very easily and give it a more fun look. I also love the bomber bras these are my go to bra especially for workouts. You can also see me pictured here in the bomber bra.

Crop tops, I haven’t worn one since high school after kids I threw all mine out. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to wear one again. After trying Zyia and having the high waisted shorts I changed my mind. I was finally able to wear a crop top again after 5 years and 2 kids later. The day I tried it all on I teared up because I was in disbelief. This was a game changer for me and I was hook and on the band wagon.

Zyia Is More Than Just Active Wear

When people here active wear they instantly turn it down thinking it’s not for them because they don’t work out. These clothes are for everyone. I have seen ages 5-75 wearing them, men and women which is incredible. You don’t have to be a “tooth pick” to wear Zyia. No matter the size, age, or gender they have something for everyone that the greatest thing of all.

I Took The Leap

About a month after trying Zyia and falling completely in love with it I decided to join as an independent rep. 1: because the clothes were a little pricey for my budget with 2 kids. 2: because I fell in love with myself after wearing them and gaining confident back. 3: The community is 100% amazing and helpful in every way possible.

When I joined I felt like I gained another family of women. I gained friendships, & teammates that pushed you to be the best version of yourself. I am so glad I joined and have this amazing tribe believing in me every day. When days get rough or my kids are having one of those days I know I can reach out to any of them and they will be their to lend an ear even if it’s not business related. If you every feel like you could use another community of uplifting and positive people Zyia is incredible place to be.

Looking For Extra Income

Zyia is a great way to earn some extra income for your family. They offer training and incentives throughout the months to help push you to hit your goals. They help you grow your business and your team. These are their clothing selections a huge community of leaders that are always available whenever you need them. It has helped me and my family be able to go on more trips and have the extra money to start paying down some debt.

The clothing sells itself and all you have to do is wear the items. Just wearing the clothes will get people talk and asking for more information on them. All results will vary depending on how hard you are willing to work and then time you want to put into it. Things come to those work their butt off.

Zyia can be done completely from home all while taking care of the kids. I love being home with my kids every day and watching them grow up. If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity you feel free to comment below and I can reach out to you. I also have attached some links to wear you can find the clothing website & my personal group on Facebook.

Hope you enjoyed this article and I can’t wait to here from you!

– Brianna Close

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    • natasa1234

      It is best for mom to have comfortable clothes in which she is comfortable and perhaps easy to move so that she can meet the demands of the children. We must never forget that moms also have the right to look beautiful and take care of themselves. I support all moms who like to beautify themselves.

    • Castle

      Thanks Brianna for another great article, I don’t need a bra at the moment, but Mrs Castle saw the leggings and I have now been given my instructions. I will be getting Mrs Castle a pair of the leggings. As you will have guessed from my previous post I do what Mrs Castle says because she is wonderful.

    • brie

      Your very welcome Feel free to reach out if you need any help 🙂

    • brie

      Thanks so much for your feedback. Comfy clothes are a must 🙂

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