Educational YouTube videos are a must for young children. A mom and working from home there are times I need my son to be calm and occupied while I work throughout the day. Blippi Videos are amazing for the little ones and are so educational.

Who Is Blippi?

Blippi videos are fun, energetic, engage able, and very educational. Blippi is a colorful character that gets kids excited for every episode.

My son knows who Blippi is every time he sees him because Blippi is knows for his orange and blue Outfit that draws there attention and engagement. He teaches kids there colors, letters, counting, and so much more which is why I love letting my son watch him because he learns while watching.

I recently purchased a 16″ Blippi for our son for Christmas and I can’t wait to see the look on his face Christmas morning!

Creator Of Blippi

Stevin John is a creative entrepreneur with a background in brand development, digital content creation, and online marketing. He created the lovable character of Blippi in 2014.

After a few weeks of doodling wardrobe ideas, brainstorming the character’s name, and jotting down video ideas, he came up with the energetic and funny Blippi.

Stevin grew up in a small town where he was surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses. When he was young he wanted to be a limousine driver. Before becoming Blippi, Stevin worked as a dishwasher, a courtesy clerk, a waiter, a C-17 load master, an SEO specialist, and a cameraman. Maybe later he will go on to become the limousine driver he always dreamed of becoming.

What Kids Learn Watching Blippi

My son has been watching Blippi videos for a few months now and has picked up so many new things without me even knowing it.

One night we were sitting down at the table and Kennedy who is 5 started counting to 20 for us to practice and them out of nowhere Kashton our son starts counting to 20 like it was the easiest thing ever and I didn’t even know he could count to 10. To say I was in show would be an understatement my jaw literally hit the floor.

Kashton learned not only how to count and identify number but he has also learned all of his colors. He can tell us the whole rainbow (he is 2) and he can Identify colors and know each one.

Blippi doesn’t just reach kids about numbers and colors he also has episodes teaching about how to use your manners, respect, kindness and so much more. I have noticed Kashton saying Please and Thank You more without us even saying anything to him.

There are some YouTube videos that he also does that show and teach kids daily life and how to do things in life that we all need to learn at some point and time.

He also does very interesting and cool engaging videos where he takes kids to different indoor playgrounds around the world and show them the things they have inside he makes it fun and funny for the kids to get them laughing and enjoying every minute.

My personal favorite videos that Blippi does is taking the kids through indoor aquariums and zoos which teaches them about animals, insects, ocean fish and more. Its really cool getting to see him feed penguins and learn about them.

T. V Time

I would say that I don’t personally like it when my kids watch a lot of t.v I fell like they should be playing and doing other engagement activities throughout the day.

As a working from home mom keeping them busy while you try to accomplish a few things can get difficult and I do have to result to the t.v and rather than just watching cartoons I have him watch Blippi on YouTube and that way he can learn too.

Where To Find Blippi

Blippi can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and on YouTube. He has videos in several languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Arabic.

If you go to you can get his videos to download to your phone or iPad and no internet connection is needed which I am crazy about especially for car rides or family trips.

Have your kids ever watched Blippi?

*Brianna Close

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