Building a relationship with others is huge before you ever ask them to take a look at your products or services you offer. I am going to be talking about how you can build relationships with them & where you can go to find people to build relationships with.

Social Media Friends

First, you want to be reaching out and connecting with anyone who you are already friends with on your social media accounts. You should not be cold messaging people outside of your network if there are friends on your Facebook, Instagram that you have not connected with yet.

I try to reach out to 10-15 friends every single day on Instagram and Facebook growing connections with them. When reaching out to them you need to be growing a relationship with them, start by getting to know them as a person. Look through their profile account and start the conversation with something you can relate to. It will be easier to engage with them and keep a good conversation going back and forth until you began to become friends and know more about each other.

It does not have to be complicated just even a simple “Hey, Thanks for connecting! How are you doing?” can start the conversation.

Facebook Groups

You can also connect with other people that are your ideal client through Facebook groups. I join groups such as mom groups, work from home groups, and fitness groups because those are groups where my ideal client would be.

I post in the groups bringing value to others and when others comment on my posts I engage back with them. This has personally helped grow my following so I can connect with them once they add my to Facebook.

If you are adding them to Facebook from the groups make sure you are reading the rules of each group because some do not allow you to add people that are in the group. Just bringing value in the group consistently will drag others engage and to add you on their own.

This is the same for Instagram Hashtags, you can follow the Instagram hashtags and follow the people who follow those so you can engage with them on you account.

How Long Should You Talk

When reaching out to someone and connect with them It honestly depends on the time frame. If the conversation is going good for a while and you have learned a lot about each other and you feel comfortable asking if they would be open to checking out your products or services than I would go ahead and do so.

If they are responding back to you with one word answers even after you tried to engage than I would say “The reason I reached out to you was because I was wondering if you would be open to taking a look at my products or services”.

The rule of thumb I would say if I had to give you a number of how many back and forth I would do when communicating with other would be 10-15 that way your growing a good relationship and there seeing who you are as a person.

Why Does This Work

Why does building a relationship with others first work so well? People buy from people they know, like and trust. IF they connect with you and trust you they are more willing to buy rather than a complete stranger. If they see you grinding every day and bringing value to everyone they feel safe and secure taking you up on your offers.

I have done tons of trial and errors seeing what works and what doesn’t once I reached out to 10 people and just popped the question without even connecting with them first and guess what only 1 person responded and they said No. I than decided to reach out to 10 more people and build a solid relationship with them first and every 8 of them responded saying yes to taking a look and the other 2 said no because they already had products or services that they were selling.

People Want You To Care About Them

People want you to actually care about them and their journey rather than just sell them something and no connection or friendship. They want you to truly feel like they are special and that your not just wanting their money. I highly encourage everyone to always bring value and build relationships and you will see a huge difference in your business.

I am going to leave you with example of A conversation that I have had with my ideal client, and how it went. I am also going to give you a few social media scripts you can use to help you direct the conversation with your audience. I will leave a link below for you to get that to help you grow your business.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How many people do you reach out to daily to connect with to grow your business?





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