My daughter Kennedy & my son Kashton love to read books. Kashton loves animal books, and points out all the animals while saying what sound they make. Kennedy loves any types of books really, but I would say her favorite would be anything to do with Mermaids. She loves to watch and learn about mermaids and thinks they are beautiful. I would love to share with you some Children’s bedtime story books my kid’s enjoy and yours might as well.

Make Time To Read To Your Kids

As moms or parents we get so busy doing ALL the things and finding the time to read to our kiddos can be hard and frustrating. Some days their are just not enough hours in a day to even find time to eat which I find myself skipping lunch frequently ( I am working on it). No matter the age of your child their are tons of benefits to reading to them. It helps them use their imagination and gather thoughts that they may not do just free playing.

Depending on your schedule you could read to your kiddos in the morning or at night. We personally do it at night after baths and right before bed, it calms them down and gives them time to relax while listening to a children bedtime story book. Sometimes they even fall asleep while I read a few books to them. Reading even just 1 story a night could really help them in learning, we usually read 2 books and Kennedy gets to pick a book and than Kashton gets to pick a book. Of course little Kashton usually just picks the same book everytime (he is 2) but if he does I will read 3 books so he gets a new on every night.

Of course their are nights time slips away and we forget to read or just simple don’t have the time & that totally ok because that how life goes. As long as you try that’s all that matters. 🙂

Kashton’s Favorite Books

Kashton loves watching Daniel Tiger and has probably seen every episode time 100 (LOL). We bought him a few Daniel Tiger Books to try to get him more engaged into reading and let just say he is hooked. He sits and listens to me read every single page without fussing or wanting to get down from my lap. If you haven’t seen the show Daniel Tiger it’s a show for toddlers that reaches them how to share, be respectful & kinds. He also takes them on adventures and shows them new and exciting things he gets to do and the struggles he might Encounter and how to get through them.

Animal books are also a huge hit at our house especially the ones where you can actually feel the animals fur. He loves being able to say all the sounds of each animal as we go through the book and it helped him catch on quickly to the sounds each one makes. I love the animal ones because it gets us all laughing together hearing everyone say the sounds such as MOO for the cow.

Kennedy’s Favorite Books

Kennedy really loves all types of books and trying them all out but like I mentioned earlier she loves mermaids. She loves animal books as well and learning about their features. She could sit for hours watching discovery channel if we let her. A Mermaids Tail Sparkling Collection is something I think she could read over and over again without getting bored. This collection comes with multiple books and takes you through an undersea adventure. They take you on a journey of a lost princess and some stories about friend ship.

I’m sure if your kiddos are around the age of mine (2 & 5) than you have probably seen the Trolls movies a time or two. Now not only do they have movies they have books to of course. The books are so bright colored and shiny that grab the kid’s attention and keeps them engaged. Sometimes the books even have glitter on the pages which my little diva loves! I like that some Trolls books don’t just go play by play from the movie, they come up with new stories for the kid’s to get into. The trolls book comes with an electronic reader ( makes life easier sometimes) and it has multiple sounds you can click on to go along with the story.

Benefits Of Reading Daily

Reading to your kid’s daily can benefits them in so many ways. The number one benefit I love is that you get one- on- one time with your kid’s and as the older they get the harder it gets to find distraction free quality time with them. It helps them increase the vocabulary and learn more words to say which might help them feel smarter in school already knowing what the teacher might be teaching.

Learning Morals through books which most children books are teaching the importance of kindness and what to think about others. It helps shows them from wrong to right and what we should do in certain situation of helping a sad friend or a friend being bullied.

Expands their imagination not only in just a book but during play time you can see that book come alive. They may even begin to draw magical pictures of the book and express their own feelings.

Reading offers valuable educational, social and emotional learning tools that research has shown will provide your child with a strong foundation from which to grow. Five minutes of reading a night can make a pretty big difference, for your child, and you. You can ask your school librarian for suggestions of books to check out from the school library or check with the children’s librarian at your local library for ideas. Get a family library card.


Have Fun

Reading does not have to be a chore, make it fun and enjoyable for your kid’s. They will be coming to you every night wanting to read rather than fighting it. Make it something you do together and spend quality time doing it. We allow our kiddos to eat a snack while we read a book at night. Here is a picture of my husband and kid’s getting ready to read their books.


Do you read to your kid’s at night or in the morning? What types of books do your kid’s like to read? We would love to hear from you and check out your books you enjoy 🙂

* Brianna Close


    4 replies to "Children’s Bedtime Story Books"

    • natasa1234

      Sleep is a special moment for children and so is preparing for sleep. We want to give them beautiful dreams to wake up in the morning happy, sleepy and smiling. My mother read me bedtime books every night that I still remember. They marked my childhood, so I want my children to have the same experience. Great article, great suggestions!

    • brie

      Thank you for your feedback much appreciated!

    • Lenka

      I believe it’s so important to read children before bed and it’s underestimated by many people. It develops intelligence, imagination, and is important for their emotional development. When I was a child, my mom and dad would read books before sleep every night to me. Later on when I loved reading books myself and I believe it started with the bedtime stories. 
      I have a step-daughter and it’s the same story. We would read to her when she was small and then she fell in love with books. Now she, still being a child, writes stories and fiction, which I find amazing. She wants to be a writer.
      I think it all starts with what we do with the kids when they are babies.

    • brie

      I agree 🙂 

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