Let’s talk Cinchshare seriously by far the number 1 app you need to help run your online business. Whether you’re in direct sales, online marketing, growing your social media following, blogger or any online business this is a must.

What Is Cinchshare?

Cinchshare is an app you can have on your phone or on your computer that helps you schedule all social media posts. It works for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Linked In. It does allow you to post to Pinterest as well but it only allows direct posting and not to schedule posts.

The only time I personally use it for Pinterests is if their is a post i have posted in the past on other social media that I want to reuse on pinterest it will let me post it directly from Cinchshare to Pinterest.

What You Get With Cinchshare

When you sign up for Cinchshare their are a few things that you will get with the membership.

  • Unlimited scheduling to unlimited accounts, including unlimited Facebook parties
  • Desktop & Mobile apps (Androids & iOS) 
  • Build for team & Client Collaborations 
  • Thousands of free done for you graphics including Fb party bundles 
  • Free social media trainings 
  • Award winning customer service
  • Batch posting parties 
  • Upload save & schedule unlimited videos 
  • Share folders of content with teams & clients 
  • Design with Canva inside of Cinchshare 
  • Shave hashtag bundles with textclips 
  • Free printables and content calendars

How Much Is Cinchshare?

When you first getting going their is a 14-day trial period for you to check it out and see how the app works. You can pay after the 14-day trial period by monthly or annual payments.

Monthly payments are $10.00 and annual payments is $100.08 picking the annual payment is actually the cheap route and makes the payments to $8.34 a month so I highly advise taking that.



My Cinchshare Review

I used to spend hours and hours one by one scheduling out my posts for social media. It was so time-consuming that I would end up some weeks not even scheduling them out and I ran into forgetting to do it each day.

Ever since I started Cinchshare my social media posting has improved a ton. I have gained a lot more followers and being way more consistent.

Having online parties is like a walk in the park now and I have more time to do other daily activities for my business. I have seen a huge increase in my business since I can now batch multiple parties all at once and it is super fast.

Anyone running their own business should have this to grown their business and leave more time for their family and other daily money making activities!

*Brianna Close

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