My kiddo’s love to color they could do it all day every day. I love watching them express themselves in the colors they choose and the pictures they color. They enjoy drawing pictures as well but the coloring pages I am going to recommend for kids are wonderful for all ages.

Free Coloring Pages

There a ton of free online color pages you can look up for your kids. They have holiday ones, character ones, and so much more. Its as simple as googling free coloring pages for kids. My kids enjoy the big pages with huge pictures where is makes it easier for them to stay in the lines and takes them longer to color since the images are bigger.

My daughter likes coloring mermaid pictures, or animal pictures. She likes to look up other pictures online and copy the colors they use on the images and see how they come out when she does them.

My son is only 2 so his is mostly scribbles but he would sit in his high chair or at their little table and color for hours on multiple pictures. It has taught him to learn colors along the way and to also hold a crayon correctly. He uses his right and left hand when color (LOL) were not sure why or what hand he is yet since he uses both for most things.

Here is a link to some fun coloring pages that are free that we have printed off before these website has tons for all ages.

Fuzzy Posters

As a kid I used to love doing fuzzy posters with my siblings and my mom. We used to buy the huge ones that would take us awhile to finish but once it was done it was so wonderful and bright. The fuzzy posters come with markers instead of crayons and its easy to stay in the lines because their is black fuzzy all over where you can’t color. The pictures are so bold and magical. They have fuzzy posters for kids and adults just like they do from the free regular pictures too.

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Color Books

There are so many styles and sizes of coloring book for all ages. They have ones with different animals, cartoons, designs, and even fun little games and challenges for kids too. I like the ones that have you match certain animal with their matching pairs. Doing dot to do pages helps them count the number as they create and draw what picture it comes out to be.

My son is really into Paw Patrol coloring books his favorite character is Chase. He watches the show every single day and grabs the coloring book each morning while watching it. We only allow our son colors if he is not in his high chair just so we don’t have to worry about him coloring with markers all over. Our daughter is allowed to color with anything she likes as long as she is at our table and she is very good about that.

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Coloring Benefits

There are many benefits that kids can have from coloring.

  1. Hand & Eye Coordination – Helps them develop fine motor skills start with bigger crayons and markers to help them with learning how to hold it correctly in their hand. They will learn how to control it on the paper and where they want it placed. This will help them begin to draw and write as well.
  2. Being Observant – They will become more aware of their surroundings. They will start copying pictures and object around them to draw on a piece of paper.

  3. Color Awareness – They start to recognize and identify colors, patterns, designs, and starts them on Pre-literacy skills.
  4. Improved Focus – Staying focused on one thing rather than being all over the place doing different things and touching different objects all the time. They have to stay still and in one place keeping themselves steady and patient which gears them up for school and being calm
  5. Imagination – It gets them thinking outside of the box and imagining different things to draw or pictures to color. The pictures allow them to take a real life object into a magical picture that seem like story books.

  6. Brings Out There Personality – It lets them express their personality and show who they really are or what they may like. It allows them to show their emotions whether their happy, sad, or mad they can express it all on paper.

  7. Soothing – Coloring is soothing and calming. It can be a stress reliever and let them escape into the wonderful pictures and magical images they make. Some designs, pictures or themes the kids color can be a way of relaxing them.

Any Age Can Do This

Coloring is for anyone size, age, gender and can be fun to do with the whole family. My family likes to do big fuzzy posters together especially on holidays we like to have contests of who does the best coloring and choice of colors. The adult ones do take a lot more time than the kid ones but it sure is fun. You can do color while watching TV, with a friend, or even alone. Encourage your kids to color and express who they are once they get going they will enjoy every minute of it.

Sometimes while my kids are coloring we put on fun music that they can sing, dance to, or even laugh with together. Coloring with family or a sibling gives you so many amazing conversations and you can bond together all while seeing your pictures come to life and create magic.

Do your kids like to color? Have you ever done Fuzzy Posters with your kids before?

*Brianna Close

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