When growing an online business consistency is going to be key to growing. If you don’t have that you can’t expect o have results. Growing a business online is not an overnight get rich quick system.

Consistency On Social Media

Showing up every single day on social media will help you grow your audience. Bringing value to them, showing up daily, & inspiring them will get your audience to Know, Like and Trust you as a person.

You need to be showing up daily & sowing others you are here. This will also help get your face out there and your audience to see and learn more about you and your life. Do not show up whenever you feel like it and expect to have anyone take action on what it is your offering them.

People buy from people they Know, Like, & Trust. Being vulnerable to your audience and letting them in on your life will help others relate to you on a personal level.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to keep up with all the different social media platforms? I would start out by sticking to 1 plat form and getting really consistent on it. Show up daily for a good 3-6 months before you began to jump on another platform. I personally started out on Facebook and then slowly got into Instagram. I am super consistent on Facebook but Instagram and other platforms are differently a learning curve to take on.

Start slowly and you will get there everything takes time.

I would make a checklist of things you want to accomplish every day. I would also have a few extra things on the list in case you have more time to get other things done on top of your daily to-do list! Below I will give you my daily to-do list that you could follow and check out to help you grow your business.

Building Relationships

Building relationship with your audience is huge in Network Marketing world. You need to be reaching out to people on social media every single day! Pick a number you want to hit every single day lets say 10 and you don’t go to bed at night until you did your 10 reach outs building relationships with them before asking for the sale. I would also write down a stretch number so if you do have extra time maybe you could reach out to 20 people that day instead of only 10. Doing this daily is going to really grow your business.

In order for it to work you have to do it consistently and do it for a period and keep doing it. You can’t do it whenever you want and only on the days you want to. Even on the hardest days you need to tell yourself to do it.

Remember who your ideal client is and reach out to those people. Go into Facebook group and engage in the post in there and build relationships with people outside your network as well.

Having Trouble Keeping Up?

Are you having trouble keeping up with your daily to-do list or feel that you just have to many things to do in a day to get the list done. First I would have a set schedule when you will be doing the to-do list every single day that way you have it in your schedule and you can plan around your working time. Some people only work their businesses for 60mins a day.

I usually work on my to-do list for 60mins & then I work for another 60mins doing my other extra business tasks. This way I am growing and learning about new things daily. I am also doing blog posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest work, and so much more during the extra 60mins.

You may not have those tasks to do yet in your business but its good to grow & learn about the other platforms so your ready to go further in the future.

Another thing I am going to suggest on getting your list done quick and Effectively is scheduling all your social media posts, for your group, your personal Facebook page, & your business page. This has saved me a ton of time that way if I get busy on the weekend I know a post is already up and ready to rock and there is nothing on my end needed to do. When I use to do them individually I would forget and days would go by without a single valuable post. I would find myself rambling about random things and post unnecessary post that won’t help me in any way or inspire people.

I use Cinchshare to schedule all my posts out. I sit down at the beginning of the month and I schedule them for the whole month & let me tell you stress free! I will leave a link to Cinchshare if your interested in checking it out.

Consistency Is Key

I hope Today’s article helped you understand that consistency is key when growing your online business and without it you won’t grow much if any. I hope the things I do help you be able to stay consistent. I will leave you my to-do list that I do daily so you can see exactly what I do and you should be doing daily in your business. There is also a tracker that you can print off and use daily to help!

QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: What main platforms do you use on social media?




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