Covid hitting hard with holiday’s right around the corner make things difficult fort a lot of families. It’s changing traditions and putting events to a stop.

Family Traditions

Covid has put a damper on most of the Holiday event. On my husbands side of the family they have decided to not have anything because it is a pretty big family and not enough space to social distance.

I personally feel that with such a big family and not everyone seeing each other all the time it would be difficult for us to social distance. No one really would want to when were suppose to spending time with one another and enjoying ourselves and not wanting to stay 6 feet apart.

On my Mom’s side of the family she only has a brother and we do a really small gathering together at her house. We have decided that this year we will still have it since its small and just try to distance when we can.

We also have choice to have a small one at our house this year for our immediate family. I feel having something together is very important not only for family time but for my 2 young kids who want to be able to be with grandparents on holidays.

The kids don’t really understand a lot about covid and it sure takes a toll on them. I am okay with having immediate family as long as we all take the precautions seriously and do what we can to avoid germs and keeping up on hand washing.

Covid Ruining The Joy & Happiness

In the past years we used to get so excited about being able to hangout with family members and spend full days with them. Laughing around tables where masks weren’t required and their was no stress of the pandemic.

This year it makes me super sad to not be able to see and be around some of our important family. I truly believe that covid will end up changing the holiday traditions in the future years to come.

Knowing their are friends and family who may be home alone for the holidays make me sick to my stomach and my heart hurt. There are some people who don’t have anyone that live with them in their immediate house hold to eat supper with our enjoy a day still.

For my husbands grandma and mine as well they will be alone with no one to talk to or keep them company and with their age we can’t risk exposing them to the chances of covid. Both my husband and my grandpa’s passed away a few years ago and it sure will be hard on our grandmothers this year.


Try To Bring Joy

For your family members who may be alone this year try to brighten their say as good as you can. Maybe you can leave a plate of food on their front door for them or even video chatting them so they can maybe still be involved and get to communicate with someone else.

Life Is Too Short

With how the world is today we all could use some happiness in our lives and a little extra something. Please send all the love you can to those who are not only alone on the holidays but your friends and family. Cherish all the moments you get because as we can see they can be taken from you in a blink of an eye.

I am the type of person who goes with the flow and enjoys life as much as possible. Living life to the fullest is something I have always stood by no matter the situations.

I would not say that I am not afraid of covid for myself personally but I would say I am not as worried as some may be to personally get it because I feel that if I get covid then that’s how life was planned for me and when I was younger I lived a sheltered life with going through Leukemia and I refuse to waste my anymore of my time here I have been given.

I do take precautions of course with having a background I have had and little ones at home but it is what it is and I won’t live the next few years never seeing my immediate family or enjoying holidays.

If you feel sick or ill please stay home even with how hard it may be to miss out on something very special it will only help your loved ones in the long road ahead.

Is This The New Thing

Will covid ruin Holidays forever? Will it affect the future traditions? That I am not sure of and I do hope one day we can get back to the normal and be able to go around our loved ones and spend the time we need and deserve with them.

I have linked a few things you could do with your immediate family members to enjoy the day with those that you can.


Are you having holiday events?

*Brianna Close

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