Mom life is often so busy and with already trying to keep up with all the things we don’t have the time to be hand washing our dishes piece by piece. My sink would be full 24/7 because kids dirty cups, plates and silverware left and right.

I love having a dishwasher and being able to load it every night and wake up to clean dishes with out me having to worry about who will get them done or worrying if we will have a clean plate in the morning. Below I am going to go over my review of my favorite dishwasher

I Can’t Live Without Mine

SAMSUNG DW80R5061UG StormWash 48 dBA Dishwashers in Black Stainless Steel is by far the best things that’s ever been in my life especially as a mom (LOL). Once you get it you won’t be able to live without it either.

Best Gift Ever

My husband got me this dishwasher for Mother’s Day and I am so grateful for it. It is a complete game changer before I was washer hand by hand and couldn’t keep up. Every morning waking up to sink fulls of dishes and dreading washing them every morning.


It comes in multiple different styles and colors. I got the regular stainless steel finger print resistant finish but they do have black stainless steel as well. The racks are all adjustable so you can move them around as needed to fit more dishes in which I love. I like that the silverware holders are adjustable to so I can move them around or take it out if needed.

Some styles come with a 3rd rack and in this case this one does which is a must with all the dishes we as moms might have. When Washing you dishes its super quiet and a lot of the time I forget its even running so no need to worry about waking the kids during nap or bedtime.

My favorite part about it is my dishes always come out clean and dry, even if sometimes we don’t rinse them all the way before putting them in they still get cleaned really well.

Before Purchasing A Dishwasher

Always make sure to measure you area before getting a new dishwasher to make sure it is going to fit. Its not fun buying something new and then finding out you won’t be able to use it over an easy error that could’ve been prevented. This one is 34 x 29 x 26 inches and is a Samsung model.

Below are a few pictures of the dishwasher and A link to purchase or check it out if you interested.

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Do you have a dishwasher? What brand is you favorite & Why?

*Brianna Close

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