In this blog post I wanted to talk about some fun family Thanksgiving ideas you can do with the whole family no matter the age. These are some thing I personally do with my family.
With the holidays approaching quickly and covid being in the way of our regular traditions and having big gatherings like were used to I thought a post like this was a must! 🙂

We All Love Cookies!

It Doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to cookies and goodies. My kids and family love baking on the holidays and coming up with different things to try every year.

The kids love to use cookie cutter and do different holiday cookies. I love hearing their little voices laugh while they make funny shapes, & animals.

Homemade frosting is a must when baking cookies. The kids love to out their own food coloring in and make their own style of frosting for their cookies. My daughter likes to get creative and add more than one food coloring color to her frosting to see what she can come up with. Its cool seeing how each kids cookies come out and how they taste.

Our son Kashton on the other hand does more eating of the frosting than he does putting them on the cookies we usually have to help him throughout the process since he is only 2.

We end up eating more cookies than we probably should before we even get to the main meal. (LOL) We usually have our main meal around 5:00P. M so it gives us time to snack and still time to rest our bellies for supper.

Thanksgiving Morning

On Thanksgiving morning we like to sit around as a family and watch the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade with cinnamon rolls and warm coffee or hot cocoa.

Cuddling up on the couch and enjoying the music, laughter, joy and happiness the Macy Days Parade brings fills my heart. Our kids love seeing the different cartoons, music and dancing that goes on throughout the parade.

This gives us time as a family to enjoy the morning before we gather with other family members later in the day.

I am not sure if their will be a Macy’s Day parade this year due to covid I am curious to what will happen. I hope they still have it because that would be a piece of our day that wouldn’t’t be the same and I’m not sure what else we would do instead.

Holiday Movies & Football

During the day we like to sit around hanging out with eachother other enjoying snacks and watching holiday movies. One of our favorite holiday movies is Son In Law. If you have not seen the movie Son In Law it is an all time must it gets the whole family laughing together.

The kids usually end up watching Alvin & The Chipmunks after we are done watching Son In Law. They all love listening to the Chipmunks sing and dance and do all sorts of funny things. There is more than one movie which is nice so they can watch the 1st one to the last one.

We have a lot of football fans in our family and watching football is something we also watch throughout the day. We usually watch this more in the afternoon rather than in the morning. Now not everyone is rooting for the same team which makes it fun as we chant and holler at the t.v wanting our teams to win.

My husband and his dad like the Miami Dolphins and for me and my dad we like the Indianapolis Colts. My sister-in-law likes the Chicago Bears and hubbies mom likes the New Orleans Saints so their is quite the difference in teams so you know their is a lot of debates (LOL).

Fun Games To Play

While watching Son In Law or football we do play games sometimes as well. Usually we play games that everyone can play during the day. We like to play easy card games with the kiddos like Slap Jack, or Gold fish. Some other fun games to play are Twister or Charades which gets the kids laughing and being interactive.

I like watching the kids play twister and getting all tangles up trying not to fall or mess up.

At night after supper we usually play games as well but those are adult games that we don’t allow the kiddos to play. They are ok with it and understand they enjoy playing with the other kids and running around instead anyway.

As for the adult games we play Cards Against Humanity, Loaded Questions, or Disturbed Friends. These games not only get awkward especially when playing with not only family but parents as well. It does get us all laughing super hard and you can tell who knows who better by the way the game goes and is played.

If you Doesn’t play fun games with the family you are totally missing out on some good memories we get out of this each year which brings us back to wanting to play every single year.


Most Of All Spend Time Together

The absolute most thing that should be done on Thanksgiving is spending time with one another and enjoying the day. Whether your just laying around hanging out or playing games all that matters is being together as a family and cherish the moments.

Now due to coivd if you are not having your regular traditions you can still do everything I have talked about in this blog post with your immediate family. It is still important to have a good fun day even if you can’t do your regular Thanksgiving Day.

Each year be forever thankful for the time you have with family members because as you can see anything can happen and put a stop to being able to do the things you like or be around family like you would like. Don’t ever take anything for granted because it can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

What do you do on Thanksgiving Day? Any Traditions you always do?

*Brianna Close

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