Every year we take our kids to do Halloween festival activities. I love all the memories we make every single Halloween and all the adventures we get to do together as a family.

Pumpkin Patches & A lot Of Fun

Each year we try to go to different pumpkin patches and try other ones so we can have new experiences. The last 2 years we have gone to Heartland Acreas In Waterloo Iowa. Hay rides, pumpkins, slides, pumpkin launching, food, hot coco Jumping trampolines and so much more. The kids absolutely love it there and it’s a full few hours of total fun. Kashton & Kennedy’s favorite thing to do there is a huge slide that they go down and it goes pretty fast we literally have to pull them off of it they love it so much.

Pumpkin launching is really cool and they launch the pumpkins at a bus and they bang really loud while exploding all over. They also launch them into the woods and they go so far and so high you can’t even see it in the air. They have a fun little hay ride that takes you around looking at different blow up characters that is perfect and not to scary for them. There is a small corn maze that you can enter and look at different Halloween decorations and props. My kiddos won’t go in this but they do have a small haunted house if your kids are maybe bigger, it’s not way over the top but my kids are 2 & 5 years old and I feel they might be a little frightening.

Carving Pumpkins

After we go to the pumpkin patch we come home and carve the pumpkins we let the kids pick our. Daddy cuts the top open and lets Kennedy pull our the inside. Kashton is not a fan of the inside and getting gross but I am sure it will come as he gets older. He does enjoy watching and seeing the seeds, I love watching Kennedy’s face as she grabs the goo our and feels the slime. It sure can be a mess but I am okay with them making a mess to have a good time and make some amazing memories. I love seeing them laugh and giggle and enjoy every moment of the fun!

We let them pick our pictures of what they want the pumpkin to be carved as but Daddy usually does all the carving since they are too little to use knives or carving kits. We have allowed them to paint the pumpkins and make their own designed but they like watching Daddy (Ben) carve a funny or scary face for them. Kennedy picked 2 heart eyes and a smiley face with a tongue hanging our which totally brings our her cute funny personality. We trace the picture with a pencil and than we just used a regular sharp knife but we do sometimes use a carving kit that I will link below. Finding the picture we just ask Kennedy an idea she is thinking about we look up other pumpkins with the same idea and let her pick one and go off of that picture. Carving the pumpkin you have to take breaks especially when only one of you is carving it because your hand begins to cramp (LOL).

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Kennedy was a witch this year and Kashton was Cat Boy from PJ mask and thankfully in our home town we were able to still have trick or treating. It was a perfect night and was not to cold for the kids when walking around house to house. The year before little buddy had a fever and was under the weather so Ben stayed home with him while I took Kennedy. Kashton is still small so we took a wagon and he would sit in it and skip a few houses while sissy ran door to door. Thankfully most of the houses are very close and there is not a lot of walking it’s just one after another. Halloween was from 5-7PM which was a great time for the kids and to be back home before it got dark and cold our. I do feel like there was not as many houses handing our candy or kids our trick or treating due to covid. We also had to wipe down all the candy before our kiddos could eat any of it just to insure safety.

Halloween Movies

During the month of October we always watch Halloween movies. A favorite movie of Kennedy’s is Halloween Town and she likes all of them not just one. I used to always watch the Halloween Town movies with my siblings over and over again, we also used to watch Hocus Pocus which Kennedy likes as well. Sending that tradition on to my own kids is something I wanted to do and allow them to have the same great memories I did as a kid with my siblings.

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I love Halloween and all the things about it. I am a sucker for scary movies and I actually watch them all year round. I grew up watching Scary and horror movies with my Dad and that was something we did and still do together a lot. My Mom on the other hand hates all things scary and has to sleep with a night light on still (LOL). Okay I will say from all the scary movies and horror I have watch in my life I am a bit paranoid and scared a lot more than the average person but lets just say I will be ready and know exactly what to do if anything were to happen like the situations on scary movies.

Did you’re town have trick or treating? Do you have family traditions that you do on Halloween?

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