Health and wellness is something we should strive to teach our kids at an early age. It helps them learn the importance of their health and guide them down a good path for the future. Of course kids will be kids and want to eat junk food, or candy every once in a while because who doesn’t. Even I like to enjoy a nice bowl of cookies and creme ice cream while laughing at the table during our nighttime snack. Those are the best memories I will always cherish.

Fun Eating Habits

Have Picky kids? Who doesn’t, my son is 2 years old and is super picky I feel like the only thing we get him to eat is chicken nuggets. We try to make meal time fun and involve funny fruit videos, or make it funny while were cooking. He seems to get into it more when were all helping and laughing together.

We have learned that if Blippi shows videos of maybe strawberries that he will see him eating strawberries and he will want to eat them to. Our daughter help try to engage him in trying new food and shows him its good which will sometimes get him to try it to.

Making fun shapes out of veggies, fruits and even meats seems to get the kids involved more in eating. We like to use cookie cutters and fun shapes which makes it super fun for the kids.


Teach Kids How To Cook

Teaching kids how to make supper is so fun for everyone. Letting them help make the meals get them involved and learning how to be healthy throughout their daily life. It teaches them good habits for their future health and wellness as they grow up.

I feel letting them help with supper gets them to want to try more food because they personally were involved in the meal. My daughter shows more interest in trying the food and loves helping come up with new meals to cook every night.

Kids Are Always Watching

Remember your kiddos are always watching you. if you set a good example of healthy eating they will begin to follow you and your ways.

I work out every single morning and my son watches me, sometimes he even tries to do some workouts along with me. I love that he enjoys trying to figure out how to do some stretches and moves.

My daughter loves to do yoga with me and push herself to see how far she can go with each stretch. She wakes up excited about wanting to stretch and do her own yoga workouts.

It makes me happy seeing my kids involved in fitness all on their own just from following my steps.

Don’t Stress

Do not ever stress over health & wellness with your kiddos. You do not want them to become insecure or worried about their weight or worried about what they should or shouldn’t eat. Kids are full of energy and will run and play off any bad food they may eat along the way.

Never make your child feel like that can’t eat something or have to go without because you will lead them down a scary path. Learn to teach them how to love food and enjoy food in every way possible, they will slowly follow your lead as you guide them through life.

Love Yourself

Love yourself no matter what body type you are. Teach your kids that they are perfect in any shape or form no matter what. Tell them they are handsome and beautiful every single day. Do not let them go a day without hearing it. Kids need to hear it now more than ever so they can grow up loving their bodies and loving the way they eat.

Most importantly never stress over what they may be eating, and go easy on them because after all their just kids and they need to live their life to the fullest without worrying about anything else!

Do you watch what your kids eat? What’s yours kiddos favorite veggie or supper meal? I would love to hear from you in the comments 🙂

*Brianna Close*

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