How can you be successful and crush your goals? In today’s article I am going to be sharing something’s you can do to help you go after your dreams and crush them. More often times, than not we sell ourselves short. We think negative thoughts and assume we are not capable of having success. We tell ourselves “I could never do that” but in reality we can if we put our mind to it. Repeat after me “anyone is capable of great success if they truly want it”

Success Is Not An Overnight Process

Success is not an overnight process. Many times people want things to happen fast and they end up getting discouraged right away. Most people will never be an overnight success, it takes time, consistency, & growth to get to where you may want to be.

I hear people all the time saying I didn’t make any money selling those products or joining that company. When I hear that I instantly start asking questions, how long were you in it? how much time did you put in? Usually they have only been in it for a short period and they were just posting and praying they would sell a bunch to family members and friends.

When wanting to be successful you can’t post and pray. You have to stick with it a long period and grind it day in and day out. You have to allow enough time for people to know like and trust you as a person before they will ever want to buy anything from you.

If you join a sport for example cornhole you can’t show up on day one and learn everything you need to learn to come back tomorrow winning tournaments. Unfortunately that’s just not possible. You would have to learn the basics and practice every day to get to the level you want to be at.

You can not expect fast results & you have to be ready to put in the work. Remember you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to.

Determine Your Goals & Dreams

Determining your goals and dreams. Sit down and write out any goals and dreams you have or want to accomplish. My first goal is to grow my online business to make enough money my husband doesn’t have to work so we can travel when and where we want for cornhole. My second goal is to grow my level of play as a cornhole player and be able to win more tournaments so I can one day be a paid full-time cornhole player. Of course these may seem like huge goals but with motivation, determination & hard work I can and will get there. No dream is ever to big, shoot for the stars and you will be surprised with what you will accomplish.

Set Goals & Run With Them

After you determine what your goals and dreams are you will want to set goals for yourself. I personally like to set month to month goals, and than I have yearly goals I want to accomplish. To me having just a yearly goal seems to far out and its harder to accomplish them because you don’t have your monthly goals in plan to hit the yearly goal. I would even set up weekly goals for you to grind out every day.

Write down what your weekly & months goal need to be to hit the yearly goal. What do you need to do weekly or monthly to get there? Do you need to hit 6 sales a week? If its for your sport maybe you need to practice 5 days a week for an hour each to make sure you’re growing your level of play.

Once you set those goals you can plan your day to day life around those goals. I personally have time slots in my day to make sure I can work on my business and play cornhole every day. No matter what your goals and dreams are you have to be absolutely obsessed with them and take full control. If you have a plan in action and you stick to that plan you can hit your goals every single time.

Don’t set goals and do nothing with them and expect results because that simply won’t happen. You need to take your dreams and goals and run hard with them.

Stop Comparing Your Journey To Other Peoples Journey

This one has been hard for me, we have to stop comparing our own Journey’s to other people journey. We are all different people and for some it may take more time and work than others. Some people may be able to get a faster start than you which is ok. This is your journey and you will be able to tell your journey and what you had to do to get to where you are now.

Don’t be upset or discouraged by someone else is successful before you. You have to keep your head up every single day and keep grinding because the success will come. You don’t know what that person had to do to get to where they are, so never judge and think they had the easy way through because honestly they probably had to take the hard way through they were just grinding a little harder than you.

How To Be Successful & Crush It Conclusion

I hope this motivated you to go after your dreams. I hope you write down your goals and get a plan in action so you can totally crush it!

In every article I like to equip you with a freebie to help you along the way. Today’s freebie is 10 things you can do on your hardest days to crush it!







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