How to grow a fast following on Tiktok you ask? Well what might work for me might not work for others as Tiktok has a very hard and odd algorithm. I am going to share with you what I do that has helped me grow to my first 1,000 followers fast.

Identify Your Target Audience

Just like any platform you want to make sure you identify who you are speaking to and who you want to attract the most. You will want to base your content around that audience and create videos that will interests them.

If your in the beauty industry for example and you’re trying to grow your business through Tiktok you wouldn’t want to attract a bunch of men to follow you because they wouldn’t be people who are buying from you typically.

Posting Content

If you’re wanting to grow fast on Tiktok I highly suggest posting 2-4 videos a day for the first 30 days. Posting 2-4 videos a day for 30 days really helped my get 1,000 followers fast.

The reason you want to aim for 1,000 followers is because once you reach that limit you can go live on Tiktok to promote your business or content more and gain more followers. You can also have links in your BIO once you hit 1,000 followers which could help drag in more sales or more people to your other social media platforms!

A lot of other Tiktok users say that 60 seconds or fewer is best to aim for with growing fast because if you don’t catch their eye right away they will scroll & quit watching. Some Tiktok users say 8-15seconds long is plenty when for the platform short, sweet & to the point.

When posting on Tiktok you want to be posting during the day when the most people are on and will see it. For me posting around 6pm-9pm has brought me the most engagement. Once you start creating content you will be able to see your analytic and when your followers and viewers are most active.

At the end of this article I will have my posting schedule available for you to download and check out or follow!

Hashtags & Trends

When trying to grow your Tiktok following fast you want to make sure that you’re keeping up with the trends each and every week. If you’re growing you Tiktok for your business to get more sales rolling in you would still want to be yourself, funny and show people who you really are outside the business side.

Try to do some funny trends maybe that dances, challenges, pranks etc. Try to also watch the trending songs so if you post a regular video about your daily life or yourself you could put a trending sound to go with it to help get more views.

You can also type in your own Niche of maybe your company and see what videos are trending in that topic to help direct it towards your target audience.

Using Hashtags can be very handy. Try to use hashtags that are the most relevant to your content. Some people use the trending hashtags as well.

I personally use 2 trending hashtags and then 2 or more that are relevant to my content. I also try to only use trending hashtags that fit my video or content. If you’re doing a health & wellness video you wouldn’t want to use the hashtag #cheetosforlife because people may get a little confused.

Engagement & Promoting

Engaging with people that comment on your Tiktok videos will also help grow your following fast and show your videos to more people. I always engage on other content and comment on it as well to boost the algorithm and hope that Tiktok shows more of my content. When you comment back to your audience it helps them get to know you more on a personal level and learn more about who you are as a person.

Promoting you Tiktok on other social media platforms can really help gain a good following as well. I post my Tiktoks on Facebook stories for my friends and family to follow me. Maybe their are people on your Facebook who follow you and life your content their and would like to follow you on more platforms. You can also promote Tiktok on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so much more!

Being Consistent Is Key

The main Key to Tiktok is being Consistent. Posting just 1 video a week or a few in one day and then not posting for a week won’t help you grow fast. If your struggling with being consistent maybe try picking 1 day of the week to batch make all your videos and save them in your drafts to post throughout the week that way you have content ready to roll. This is what I like to do it is less stress and worry a bout trying to make 2 new ones daily and worry if I get busy and forget.


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