I have been asked by multiple people how they can grow their online business with a blog. In today’s article I am going to tell you just that. Having a blog for your business can help in so many ways with all types of online businesses, maybe your in network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing, you can still have a blog to grow your audience.

What type of blog should you have?

When choosing what type of blog you should have you need to figure out who your ideal audience is that your trying to reach so when you write your blog posts they are geared toward those types of people.

For example you wouldn’t want to be talking to men if your focus is women health. They would not be into it much and your audience level would be low.

Start by making a list of things that your company or products can do for someone. How can they help them? Why would they want to buy them? Why would they want to join your company?

Narrow down your niche

You want to make sure you narrow down your niche that way the people that follow the blog will continue to follow you and read your upcoming blog posts. If someone follows you for health and wellness but your talking about the top 5 diaper brands you recommend there going to lose interest and possible unsubscribe from you (Trust me I have done this).

Depending on what company you are in I would gear it towards that niche. For example, I have a health and wellness company so I talk about health & wellness. I also talk about growing a business online because if someone is interested in the business side of your company as well as your products they can get the best of both worlds through your blog.

I do try to make sure I am switching up my blog posts to health & wellness one week and then business the other week so that one is not overdone then the other if that makes sense.

Make sure to pick a niche that you will want to talk a lot about. Think to yourself is this something I can talk about in 50 more blog posts. Choose something that you are passionate about and will love talking about.

Below at the end of this article I will have a freebie you can download that will have 10 Blog Niche Ideas to help you start brainstorming.

Tired of prospecting your family & friends

Growing a blog for your business can be so rewarding. My main reason I turned to it was because I got tired of going to friends and family. I felt like it was a bother to them and if your family does not support what you are doing it may be even harder.

If you don’t have a huge following on Facebook, Instagram or any other platforms you may use this is a must! A blog allows you to reach complete strangers. When blogging if your blog gets google indexed your website and blog can be found on Google just by keywords or from the search engine ( if you don’t know what that means you may want to do some blog research on YouTube).

On your blog you can set up to have anyone that clicks on your blog post or website to input their name and email. This would allow you to start creating an email list that you can stay in touch with and send them your weekly newsletter.

Promoting your blog

There are so many platforms you can promote your blog on whether it be Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, twitter, Facebook groups, Pinterest, and so many others. Pinterest is my number one place I promote because it reaches so many people and it truly has grown my blog faster than anything else.

Make a Facebook public page and when you make blog posts you could post your recent blog in there. You can add anyone you are friends with to the page and others could add people to it as well.

Bring value to your audience

So how to grow your online business with a blog? You simply bring value to them with the niche that you are in. If you are in health and wellness maybe do a blog post about gut health. Make sure you are all your blog posts bring VALUE and that there not just random stories or information that someone in your niche won’t be interested in.

Try your absolute best to stick in your niche so you attract the type of people that will buy your service or products.

I hope you found today’s article helpful & if you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to me.

If you would like to know what type of business I do online or need more tips for growing your business I will leave some resources for you below to check out.

Question of the week: Do you have a blog for your business if so what business are you in?


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