How to grow your online business on Instagram. In Today’s article we are going to talk about how Instagram can grow our business and help us find clients & prospects outside of the Facebook world. To be honest Facebook is my main platform I personally like to grow on but I have learned to branch out and Instagram is a good place to help you grow even more.

Bring Value To Your Ideal Client or Prospect

Yes, yes, you have heard me say that before bring VALUE to your audience you are trying to attract. When they see you show up daily with good valuable information that could help them in their day to day life they begin to know, like, and trust you as a person.

You want to make sure the value your bringing is content for your ideal client and something they will be able to connect with on. Just like you have been doing over on Facebook bringing value, inspirational post, real life stories or struggles from you past, funny posts, post that are within your niche, your hobbies. Check out some of my recent posts on Instagram!

Make a list of 5 things that are most important to you and that you would love to talk about a lot and plan your content around that. Also, have 5 posts that are like a call to action posts so maybe you are sharing health & wellness post with a call to action that says click the link if your interested in this freebie and than it will also help you grow your email list as well and show them your products and services that you offer. I run my email list through my blog and it has helped me tremendously.

If you don’t have a blog or know what I mean about having a freebie for your prospects or clients feel free to reach out to me for help.

Having 5 posts that are call to action will help you still be able to promote your services and products but in a less salsey way. You only want to be posting call to action posts 3-5 times a week and make sure your not just posting pictures of your products, you want the posts to be informational or client results.

This will help give you enough content to post every single month. I personally plan my content out monthly so I know I am doing the 5, 5 method that I just talked about. BRINGING VALUE will be key to growing your online business on Instagram.

I will leave a FREEBIE below of some examples of 5, 5 posts that way you can get an idea of what types of post to have.

Hashtags Are A Must

When you’re creating your content you want to make sure you’re using hashtags. Hashtags are like groups on Facebook in a way, and when you use them other people that also use that same hashtag will start seeing your content in the feeds.

Now you don’t want to just use any hashtags the ones you’re picking you want them to be 10,000 or less followed on that hashtag. Yes, it is OK to use higher here or their but the fewer people that follow that hashtag the easier it will be for people to see your content. If you use hashtags with 1 million followed on them all than that’s how many people your content is trying to keep up with and its not as likely to be seen. I like to even us ones that have 5,000 or even 1,000 only followed and I have noticed I get way more likes and comments as well as followers that way.

When using hashtags pick hashtags that someone that is your ideal client would use so they are more likely to see your posts. For example, I am in the Health & Wellness field and my Ideal client is moms, & stay at home moms so I could use #Stayathomemommaof2 #momlife and other things relevant to my niche. If I am posting like a positive quote maybe ill use the hashtag #happylife, or #postivepeople

When growing your online business on Instagram hashtags are huge. You can find clients and prospects when using hashtags. If you follow certain hashtags or click on them and look into them you can see the people who have also used those certain hashtags. you can check out their Instagram profiles and start to engage with them, and follow them. Make sure you are reading some of their recent posts so you know what type of person they may be or what they are into so you can make good conversations with them.

Following some hashtags will help you grow your Instagram and give you clients and prospects in your niche literally whenever you want.

Your Followers On Instagram

In order to have success you do not need to have a huge following. You can have a small following of people that engage on your content and that you build relationships with that can take action with you because they know, like, and trust you. Its better to have 500 followers that all engage and take action with you rather than having 20,000 followers and no one comments on your posts or takes you serious.

When you start to follow people they will begin to start checking out who you are as a person and if your someone they want to stay connected with this will also help grow your own following.

Instagram Reels & Videos

No matter what social media platform you are on videos will help you bring the best value to your audience. People like seeing video and learning from it rather than just reading your 2 page long blog. Some people are hand on or visual learners and need to see it for themselves in order to understand.

Video helps you get your point across much more clear than a post might be. Instagram reels are like short form videos just like Tiktok or Instagram and Facebook stories. When using reels I personally like to repurpose my Tiktoks or Facebook videos. I highly encourage to repurpose your content from other platforms so you don’t get burned out making all new all the time. Just try posting it later on our maybe just changing up a few things on the post. There is an app you can use to remove the Tiktok logo off your Tiktok videos. Instagram does not like you posting Tiktoks on their because they don’t want you to direct people to another platform.

If you need help learning more about reels I would go on YouTube and look up info your need on it.

Growing Your Online Business On Instagram

I hope you gained a lot of value from today’s article & this helped you learn more about Instagram and what it has to offer for your business. As be always yourself & bring value and you will see your audience list grow.







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