I created my blog online just a few months ago and have had a lot of success in a short period. Anyone can start a blog, you do not have to be a professional writer to get started. Trust me I am not a professional at all, but I am learning as I go. I love having a blog and being able to express my feeling and my journey with others.

Do Your Research

When starting a blog I highly recommend doing a lot of research beforehand so you have a good idea of what you might have to do to be successful. I watched a ton of YouTube videos on other people who have been successful and that can give advice from their own personal experience. Make sure you are researching different places to create a website, I was able to create my for free. I know their are also a few companies or programs that you could join to help you get going and some will even help you create your complete website just in a few steps.

Make sure you are picking a Niche or Topic for your website that you are going to be able to talk a lot about. My website topic is Motherhood and working from home because that is something I could talk about for days and days. At first your going to want to keep your topic narrow and simple to get you going and to have easy content to post and talk about. Don’t worry about what your posting as long as its something you can relate to and could talk a lot about viewers will come if you speak from the heart about it and true and honest in your articles. I like to give my own personally stories or my own opinions on things so people can connect with me personally and gain trust with me, never be fake and always be 100% you.

Wealthy Affiliate

A friend of mine that I had connected with before on working from home businesses joined a company called Weathy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a company that help you with online network marketing, they train you step by step on everything you need to know about network marketing. They train you how to grow an online business online and make money from home. I joined wealthy affiliate because after seeing my friends success I was in complete shock. 

Wealthy affiliate teaches you everything you need to know about starting a blog online. They helped me make my own website in like 3 simple steps, all I did was give them a few things they needed such as what my blog was going to be about and their system and platform made everything I wanted.

I love how wealthy Affiliate didn’t just have training for me to read but they had video training where I could follow along and even do the work as they did it in the video. They have tasked that they have you do after each training page and course to keep you on track and growing while being trained. I had my blog up and running with about 15 Blog posts rolling before I was even done with the training. The website they create for you and help you with is through WordPress which I have found to be an amazing platform, so if your serious about making money online and with a blog Wealthy Affiliate is hands down your best option!

How Does Content Bring You Money?

As you grow on your blog Wealthy Affiliate will teach you about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is being able to promote affiliate links within your content. You would sign up to be an affiliate with for example Amazon Associates where they would give you permission to promote their products along your website and content.

When someone comes along your website and reads your content and clicks on an affiliate link like an amazon product link and they buy that item through the link you would make a commission off that which could bring you in residual income since that blog post will be up forever. There are multiple affiliate marketing programs you can join within your topic that your website is about Wealthy Affiliate does help you and train you on the correct ones you will want to join to make the most money.

Google Ad Sense is another way you can make money on your blog. Its exactly like it sounds they give you ads to promote on your website and if someone comes along and clicks on that ad or even buys something from the ad they clicked on you make a commission off of it. Now google ad sense in my Opinion wouldn’t make you as much money as affiliate marketing would but having both is a huge plus.

Now if you decided to take the leap and join Wealthy Affiliate they also have ways you can grow on their platform and make money through them. I have just recently started doing that as well to bring in multiple streams of income which is a must. Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best program you can join to help you make money online, they have 24/7 support anytime you need it and you get assigned a sponsor to help you as well if needed. I am a sponsor on Wealthy Affiliate and would also love to help you in any way I can with starting up your blog. I would never be where I am now if I didn’t Join them because I was clueless and the things they taught me I never knew about.

It Takes Time & Work

I’m going to be completely honest with you if you want to make money fast this is not something for you. Unfortunately it does take time and work writing content so that it is good quality. If you are just writing random things that don’t go with your topic or your articles seem rushed you won’t get a lot of traffic to your site which means not money. You want good quality articles with 1,000 words or more. My articles usually take me anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the topic and if my kiddos are bothering me (LOL). Making the articles fun, and engaging with picture will bring you in more audience as well as being a real person. Do not try to portray to be something your not online or you won’t be successful, people want to see the real you and connect with you. 

Need Help? I Got You!

I would love to help you make your blog successful and get you going on Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned a lot and would like to share my thoughts and what I do to make money on my blog with you. I created at the basic beginner level and gradually grew as I went and you can to.

Please Comment below if you have a blog and feel stuck because your not making money? comment below if you would like help with getting started?

*Brianna Close

    6 replies to "How To Start A Blog To Make Money"

    • Ezra Mtambeka

      I always thought I need to know how to code in order to construct a website. But all was just a false thought until I heard about Wealthy Affiliate and joined the platform which helped me to understand how to rank on Google through content writing. Wealthy Affiliate really simplified all the aspects to be taken to concern when blogging. Blogging is really a profitable online business platform. Great article. I loved it.

    • brie

      Yes, I agree! I started as a beginner and now feel like a pro. There step by step process and videos really made it simple for me to learn and be successful.

    • Marsha Pearson

      Brianna, I also am loving having a blog. It’s interesting, but I always liked to write but somehow never got around to doing it. I have also joined Wealthy Affiliate. You could not find a more supportive environment to get things going. There are always experts at hand to keep you focused and help you when you have a question or issue. Nice!

    • Castle

      Blogging is an excellent way to start an online business. The best way to monetise your site is through affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the one-stop shop for starting an online affiliate marketing business. The training is excellent and you get all the resources you need to start building a business. Additionally, there is an excellent support.

    • brie

      So glad I joined when I did 🙂 

    • brie

      Yes I agree I love having the help when needed 🙂 

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