How to take control of your dreams and make them reality. The formula to success believe it or not is YOU. That’s right YOU, you determine your life, your goals, and whether you make your dreams reality. It’s all in your everyday plan, actions, and if you put the needed steps into place to get to where you may want to be.


Stop blaming others for your lack of success. It’s not anyone else’s fault but yours.

It’s your fault for not getting the tasks done every single day in order to be successful, It’s your fault for giving up when the going gets tough, It’s your fault you didn’t put in the hard work, It’s your fault you let others opinions get in the way, It’s your fault you think you don’t deserve it, It’s YOUR fault your dreams are not reality yet.

Whether it’s a goal or dream in your job, business, your health, your hobby, a sport, or even your life you are responsible of making these dreams come true.


If you want to be a winner you have to think like a winner. Stop being negative and learn to gear your thoughts around positivity at all times.

You need to surround yourself with positive uplifting people. Constantly having negative “Nancy” around you is only going to hurt you in the long run.

Wake up with joy and happiness as much as you can, and learn to deal with bad situations in better ways. Learn to bring positivity into your life as much as you can even on your worst days.

I personally tell myself when I am having a rough day to be thankful it’s not worse. There are other people out there that have it worse than something you may be going through.

Take a deep breath and repeat positive uplifting thoughts to yourself to help you get through whatever it is you may be going through.

Remember people don’t become friends or know like and trust people who are constantly complaining, and telling them that nothing in there life is ever going right. Tell yourself you can and will over come your hardest dang days.

Look negativity in the eyes and tell it to leave because your not letting that stop you from your goals & dreams!


Stop letting the opinion of others stop you from chasing your dreams. If you are constantly worrying about who will see you Facebook lives, who will talk about the way you look, who will ask you why your doing what your doing, you will never accomplish anything in life. You are going to hold yourself back from so many great things in life.

Don’t be the person who looks back on life and says man I wish I would have done that, or wish I would have started sooner. Just do you and do it now. Life is too short to care about everyones opinion on you.

For a long time I used to be afraid to go live on Facebook because I was so worried about it being perfect in every single way. I would sit back and rehearse what I wanted to say over and over again just to realize I was never going to go live.

Let’s be clear life is not perfect and as I learned to just take the plunge and go live and just do the dang thing I began to realize that no one cares whether your perfect or not. In fact, they like the real authentic, genuine you!


Holy truth bombs here friends but sometimes we need a good truth talk to get ourselves out of the situation we may be in or to get a boost in the butt to get going.

If there’s one thing you learned from today’s article I want it to be that you remember to ALWAYS be yourself. Pretending to be someone your not or portraying as someone else will always catch up to you.

If you’re running a business prospects and customers will buy from people they know, like and trust. They buy or join people for being real authentic and showing not only there past but there struggles they may have had to go through to get to where they are today.

Don’t feel like you have to hide your struggles. People connect with others who tell there stories and are vulnerable with there audience so they can get to know them as the real person they are behind there success.


Anyone who is successful or have made there dreams reality has not had the easy way out I promise you that. They worked hard day in and day out to create a life they now have. They struggled, they had hard days, but the difference between unsuccessful people and successful people be the successful people kept going on there hardest days and they didn’t let negativity or anyone around them stop them from chasing every dream they had.

I hope this inspired you to stop worrying about others, to take control and run as hard as you can to achieve all your dreams!

I know I am running and no one is stopping me. I would love to have you join me and hear your journey along the way!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What are you goals, and dream you have that you want to make reality?

You know in every article I like to give you freebies to help you in your business, or everyday life. Today’s freebie is a list of 10 things you can do on your hardest days to help you absolutely crush it and keep going!




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