I don’t know about you but as a mom I tend to forget to find time to take good care of myself. Of course, I do the basics or try to but regular doctor appointments, & dental checks get skipped. I get so busy making sure the kiddos are taken care of that it slips my mind when it comes to myself.

Find Time Its Important

Finding time to make sure you are getting yourself taken care of is very important. Your health plays a huge role in your life especially taking care of kiddos and having to do all the things you want to make sure that you are healthy and keep up because I know how exhausting it really can be. I know for me it is very hard to find time to get in regular check ups because my husband works full time and I work full time from home.

Finding someone to step in and watch our son while I have to run to an appointment is usually difficult to do and taking him with is not always an option. When I worked full time outside the home it was impossible to be able to go because I was only given so many days off or vacation days to use and I would end up using those for kids being sick, me being sick, or for my kids doctor appointments. When it came to my health that typically comes last.

Today I Finally Found Time

Today I went to the dentist for the first time since 2016, which is crazy to me because before I had kids I went every 6 months for my regular check up and cleaning. Ii thankfully did not have any cavities(LOL) I do clean my teeth religiously and floss daily. I fell that showing my kids about good teeth care is very important.

I want my kids to learn from me and learn that they have to be taken care of properly and daily. Having a good teeth cleaning routine with your kids as well as having them see you clean your teeth will help them want to keep doing it and see the importance. We try to make cleaning teeth fun so its less of a chore and they will want to do it without me nagging. Our kids & us have automatic tooth brushes which I feel makes it more fun. I will link those here for you to check out.

Doctor Check Ups

Trust me when I say I dread regular doctor check ups. I hate having to take the time for what’s usually a 5-10 minute appointment and for us we live about 35 minutes from out doctor so when going there we have to plan a good chunk of time just for the drive. I know they may be quick check up but its super important to have them and take the time to take care of yourself life is too short to not make sure your healthy for your kids. In today’s world things can be taken for granted or missed in a blink of a eye.

I want to go to the doctor regularly so I know and can reassure myself that I will be around for kids and the great times ahead. Being healthy helps your kids want to be healthy too whether that eating healthy, going to the doctors for check ups or if your ill or even just doing the basic daily things. As moms, we sometimes get caught up doing all the things and just push it off which I do frequently but I am working on getting better about it.

Mental Health

Taking care of yourself and being mentally healthy for your kids is a must. I am a stay at home mom and I know how hard and exhausting it gets mentally and physically. Going to counseling or talking to someone you trust can help put your mind more at ease. Being mentally unhealthy will change your day, attitude, and sometimes even take a toll on your kids seeing you sleep a lot or not have a lot of energy. Keeping up on medicines and talking with someone will help you stay mentally healthy.

Be Healthy For You & Your Kids

As I mentioned before being healthy for your kids is so important. We want to live our best life and in order to do all the things and take care of our kids to our full potently we have to be healthy and sometimes go to unwanted doctor checkups. Make appointments in advance and plan head with a planner or journal so you can go back and look and set up times for someone to watch your kids while you go. Moms Live your best life and don’t take a minute for granted because it can all change in seconds.

Do you go to check ups regularly? What is your favorite type of tooth brush to use?

*Brianna Close

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