Mom needs a break and that’s OK. We all feel stressed, overwhelmed and depression at some point in our life whether your have kiddos or not. It could be your stressing about bills, or a job but most of all I stress over the struggles of motherhood. Every mom a some point and time need a break and space to ease there mind and take a step back from the daily things.

All The Things

Being a mom of 2 I understand what other moms go through in there day to day lives. We are always trying to do all the things and keep up with the list as good as we can but sometimes we just need a break not because we can’t Handel it or don’t want to handle it but because we all need a minute to breath and take a break from everything. I personally put a lot of pressure on myself to try to be the good of the good when it comes to being a mom. I want my kiddos to know I was there every step of the way doing everything I could. No matter how much your want to be able to accomplish everything that sometimes it’s just not possible. There are not enough hours in the day or the energy so don’t be hard on yourself when your feel your did not get it all done, Momma it’s OK. When your lay in bed at night and feel defeated remember all the things your did get done and remember all that matters is your kids are happy, healthy and loved.

Kids Will Be Kids

Even on your most stressed out days no matter how much your want the day to go sometimes it just won’t go that way. Kids will be kids and they are so unpredictable. One minute they might be happy and laughing, the next they might be mad and upset. I know that all to well Kashton will be completely fine one minute in his room and than the next I hear him throwing a fit yelling and crying in frustration all because he couldn’t get his legos to stand up correctly the way he wanted. I try to remind myself that it’s going to be okay and this to will breeze over, take a deep breath and keep going because at any moment it might happen again.

My morning may be going great and I think to myself wow today going to be a great freaking day and than I remember I have to wake my daughter up at 7a.m for school. I dread every single morning waking her up because to be honest she may be the only person in the world that likes sleep more than me (LOL). She totally gets her grumpiness from me when having to get up early so I do understand but the morning usually ends up with arguing about what leggings she wants to wear since she HATES jeans. She is super picky about her clothes which is fine but sometimes I wish for her to just agree with me on the first outfit.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Don’t be ashamed to ask a family member or friend for help. It’s OK to not be able to do all the things, all the time. We all need help every once in a while with this crazy journey. When your feel super stressed or at your break point step away and allow the help from others don’t deny a good person trying to step in to ease your day. Motherhood can be overwhelming especially during times in our would like today – Covid. With winter ahead and cold weather I fear for my anxiety and stress levels. Not because I don’t want to spend time with my kids or because I can’t handle them but because we all get a little crazy being stuck together 24/7 non-stop and we have to understand there will be arguing, disagreements, and plenty of fit throwing.

Yes We Love Our Kids

Yes we love our kids with every breath we take but sometimes we need adult communication and to talk to more than a 2 and 5 year old. We as moms need more interaction and time spent with others to grow as a person and who we are. I love my kiddo more than anything and not every day is bad we have a ton of good days when we all laugh and everything goes wonderful for us. No matter how hard a day gets I will always be there every step and letting them know I am here and won’t give up. Sure, It can be a lot but that’s what this journey is all about not only the good times but the bad times to. It helps us all grow and get better each day we can. We sometimes feel that our kiddos are the only ones who be naughty or hard but trust me it’s all kids. Be thankful for each day your get with them and cherish the good and bad even when your at your break point. Stop and think and tell yourself things could always be worse and make it the good your possible can. When I say we as moms need breaks of course Motherhood will always be there and your will always have responsibilities even when your take a break but allowing a family member to watch them while your go do something to re leave stress and frustration will help your in the long run to not feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Be Thankful

Be thankful for the people who offer help or are willing to give your a break. One day your will look back and be forever grateful for them and all they have done to help your along the way. I know when I accept help from others it makes me feel less stressed and I feel refreshed for the next day to be able to try to accomplish much more for my kids and be the good I can for them.

Do your feel like your ever need a break? Do your have the same Struggles?

*Brianna Close

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