I am sure you have heard the saying before nothing changes if nothing changes which is so true.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. You want change, make some.

It is simple and a nice little reminder that if we continue to do things the same way all the time, we should not expect a different outcome than what we get.

Solid But Faulty Concept

It is a solid concept. But it is a faulty concept.

To many people, think things are perfectly OK the way they are by their lack of doing anything about them. A few pounds overweight? I can live with that. Not growing your online business? It takes to long. Finances are an issue? Aren’t they for everyone?

Just the same excuses we here day in and day out from others

The real problem with the “nothing changes if nothing changes” is that many times, things do change if you don’t do anything. If you keep eating three doughnuts for breakfast every day, you won’t stay the same. You will get fatter. If you don’t practice your hobbies such as cornhole, you won’t grow as a player in the game. And if you keep charging items you can’t afford on your credit card (regardless of the awesome cash back you may receive), the bank won’t just keep raising your credit limits. You will find yourself in bankruptcy. If you don’t work your online business you won’t grow or make money.

You have to understand that if you choose to change nothing in certain aspects of life things will end up changing in some ways you may not want them to. If you want good things to happen and success to come your way your going to have to change some of those bad habits you may be making or doing that are holding you back from the change you need. Your business, your life, your personal self, your dreams, or your hobbies can all change and impact your life in tremendous ways if your willing to put in the work needed and the change needed to get there.

Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes

What’s Your Why?

Sometimes we have to step back and ask ourselves our why. Why is it you do what you do? Why do you want to change to grow your business, your sport, your life, your hobbies? Honestly Who Or What Is Your Why?!

My why is my Kids & my Husband Ben. I want to work every single day as hard as I can so we can have the life of our dreams. We want to grow our online business so we can create freedom so we are able to travel the world playing cornhole.

I always say if your why doesn’t make you tear up than it isn’t big enough.

I want you to truly sit back and think about something so big you would do anything for it whether it’s your family or something else.

If you want to lose weight ask yourself well why do you want to lose weight? Maybe it’s because your going on a trip and want to be able to wear a swimming suit with confidence? Maybe it’s because your getting married and want to love and feel confident in your pictures? Make it something so strong that nothing gets in your way.

If you want to grow your online business, well why do you want to do that? Do you want to pay off debt? Go on vacation? Retire your hubby? Buy a house?

Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes


Motivation & Inspiration

When you figure out your Why it will motivate you so much that you will want to change to grow in every aspect. When you wake up think about your Why. It should instantly fuel you every day and inspire you to keep going.

Of course, we all have days when were just not motivated or wanting to do much that day but here is my advice to you on that. Learn to rest but not quit. Sometimes we rest but never go back and we get in those bad habits where we end up not doing anything or much at all and it gets us no where.

So remember it’s ok to rest but not quit and when I say rest I don’t mean a week at a time. Simply take a day off or a few hours and than jump back in to it.

When I am feeling non inspired or not motivated I always go back and look at my year goals & what I want to happen in the year. Then I give myself a prep talk and just looking at my goals for the year inspires me to get busy and make them happen.

You could also listen to a few inspiring podcasts, or watch some motivating YouTube video from others. There are so many resources out there that would help boost you up in just a few short minutes.

Most of all think about your Why and that should motivate you to get going or at least for me it does.

I am leaving 2 awesome books you should check out and ready they have helped me a ton!


Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes

Goals & Dreams

I want you to take some time to write down your new goals & dreams you want to hit in 2022. What is it that your REALLY want to accomplish?

When you figure that out and write them down write a plan and figure out how your going to hit them? What is it you need to do in order to hit them. Figure out the weekly, monthly tasks you need to do to make it happen.

Make sure your goals are realistic, & something that you can truly push yourself on but still not so out of the ball park that you will fall off because it isn’t realistic. I personally write down realistic goals, & than stretch goals that way if I do hit my first goal early I have another one to push for.

Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes

Commitment & Changing

You. Guys.

I am a firm believer that anything is truly possible. ANYTHING. With handwork, consistency, motivations, goals, dreams, your why and determination IT CAN HAPPEN. Believe in yourself 110% always!

I am working to make necessary changes at both my online business and my cornhole career, because I do know this much to be true – things won’t change unless something changes. And I am ready for change. How about you?




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