Sunday Sunday Sunday’s I sure love them. As a busy mom of 2 I need Sunday’s for not only Lazy days but reset days and to prepare for the week.

Cuddle Day’s Are The Best

On Sunday’s I love to cuddle my family and watch movies together it allows us to bond and get extra time with each other we might not get during the week. I love listening to both my kids laugh together while watching Madagascar or Toy Story their voices are so sweet and happy which fills my heart with joy!

My husband and I play games with the kids and let them pick fun things to do throughout the day. Our daughter loves to play the games Guess Who, Chutes & Ladders, Twister, Sorry, & Headbandz. Our son is still a little small to play those games but we let him help moves the game pieces. We also play Hide and Go Seek throughout the house which he loves doing too.

On Saturdays, we are usually busy with cornhole tournaments or doing something outside the home with our kids so having one day a week to stay home and enjoy our day with nothing planned is super nice. My husband Ben also works on the road during the week so he only gets to see the kids through zoom or google video during the week. It gets hard on the kiddos not being able to see their dad during the week but we make it work.

Meal Prepping

My husband has been recently working on the road during the week so he has not been here for meals only on the weekends. I like to meal prep on Sunday’s so I can plan the week and have them ready to go. My son is a very picky eater which I talked about in a recent blog post so for Supper meals we do what we can for him. Its basically just my daughter and I who eat what I cook at night and since the hubby is gone their are nights we eat with my parents. We make easy small meals for us to eat so we don’t waste food and if we make a bigger meal we usually eat it for lunch the next day or supper. I like letting Kennedy help cook meals at night I feel it helps get her more involved and if its something new she has to try she is more willing to eat it if she was the one who made it.

My parents live down the road from us which is super convenient and helpful and instead of cooking a huge meal for just her and I, we sometimes go their and hangout and eat for supper.

Meal prepping has helped a ton during the week especially when I am on my own with the 2 kiddos their are tons of other things that need done and knowing in advance what we are cooking each night helps a lot. I also go to the grocery store and get all the supplies and ingredients so I don’t have to worry about taking two kids inside during the week.

Catch Up On Cleaning

During the week can get busy and hectic with all sorts of things we have going on daily. I use Sunday’s to also catch up on any cleaning that may have not got done during the week. I use a cleaning schedule during the week but of course life sometimes happens and we get busy trying to find the time to squeeze everything in. There is always laundry to be done from the busy weekend we had and not being home so I try to get it all caught up before the week begins. Laundry is a never ending cycle at our house I’m not sure if its just my daughter but she likes to play dress up and change her outfit about 100 times a day and she thinks if she wears it for 5 minutes its dirty haha.

I like to get extra things done as well around the house since I have the extra help with everyone home. I don’t try to over load the cleaning because I know that it should be a day of relaxing and taking it easy.

Preparing For The School Week

My daughter Kennedy is in Kindergarten and goes to school all day during the week. We go over any school work and reminders she may have to return to school. We will also go over the lunch menu since she is also kinda picky when its comes to eating. Due to coivd we make her wear a mask daily to school and we make sure they are cleaned and ready to go. Kennedy is not a morning person at all (LOL) even when she goes to bed early she still struggles and fusses to get up at the correct time. I will admit she clearly gets that from me we sure do love our sleep and her not getting a good nap during the day does tend to make her grumpy at night or after school.

Recently her going to school has been a struggle because since I am a stay at home momma she isn’t use to being away from me everyday all day and has been crying when I drop her off. She tells me all the time she misses me when she is at school sure breaks my heart seeing her cry but I know that things will get better and its just a stage until she gets use to going all day long. I asure her that I will be their to pick her up and spend the afternoon with her when she gets out.

Sunday Funday

We try to make the best out of our Sundays and cherish the time and moments we get. Everyone needs days when nothing is planned and extra cuddles. One day when our kids grow up they will look back and remember our Sundays of Fun!

What do you do on Sundays? Do you meal prep?

*Brianna Close

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