Are you that Mom that tries to be a Super Mom 24/7? Wanting to be the mom that does it all? Oh Girl trust me it’s not just you. It’s me too. We all try to be that perfect awesome Mom that gets it all done and look like we have it down without a problem but unfortunately being the perfect mom just won’t happen. It’s totally ok to not be perfect because believe me when I say you’re kids think the world of you and think you are 100% perfect!

Super Tired

Trying to do all the things in a single day will leave you exhausted, tired, and emotional. There are so many Mommy chores and responsibilities that we have to keep up on the daily that we get tired, and frustrated. Our kids rely on us for so many things that they might not be able to do on there own yet. We are doing diaper changes, feedings, driving them to school, taking them to there activities, baths & we even have times when they need us for there break downs and when they get overwhelmed and frustrated with a situation. When you feel exhausted and tired and feel that your already carrying a heavy load don’t feel bad for saying no to volunteering at your daughters school, or going on a field trip when they need more parents. When your child asking for a sleep over 100 times a week just say ‘No”. It’s ok to say no not only to your kids but to others as well. One day your kids will realize all the things you did for them and they will be forever grateful for the struggles you went though.

Super Mom

Moms have so many things they have to take care of. Not only do we take care of our kids during the day but we have other responsibilities as well. We have bills that need to be paid, doctor appointments that need to be made and kids need to go to, grocery shopping, budgeting on a frequent basis so that our money doesn’t go running out the door. We try so hard to be that awesome mom but know that it’s ok to be tired. I hear other moms all the time saying how does “Karen” do all the things. Let’s be real she probably doesn’t do all the things even though it might seem like she does. She just doesn’t let it get to her. She doesn’t show that things are not getting done. ‘Karen” is putting a smile on her face a doing what makes her kids happy because at the end of the day that’s all that matters and the things that didn’t get done will still remain there. Your kids won’t remember if the house was always clean, or if you did laundry every day. They will remember the things you did with them, the time you spent, and the memories you made.

Ask For Help

When you’re feeling overwhelmed know it’s ok to ask for help. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed that you reached out we all need as much help as we can with managing all the things. We need to give ourselves a break before you get to the breaking point and have a meltdown. When your overwhelmed ask a spouse or significant other to help and take part in a few things to make it a little easier on you. Maybe your overwhelmed and need a couple hours to yourself whether it be a trip to the grocery store, or a relative watching your kids for a few hours to give you the space you need a deserve with everything we as moms do.

Take Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself is a must! We as moms need to stop being so hard on ourselves and take life day by day. Tell yourself it’s ok if something doesn’t get done that day that you wanted there is always tomorrow. Trust me it won’t run away even though we all wish it would sometimes. Especially the swarming pile of laundry sitting just staring you down. Don’t feel like your a bad mom for having a rough day and your house being totally out of wake. Don’t mentally and physically wear yourself out trying to be that super mom because girl you already are. We as moms need more time to ourselves then a 10 minutes shower and even then we have kids storming in asking if they can have a fruit snack for supper.

Girl You Are Amazing

Being a stay at home mom is often taken for granted for. We as stay at home moms here things like you have plenty of time can you do this for me? What do you do all day? Sometimes I feel like people think we sit around watching cartoons all day. Which I totally wish was the case but unfortunately it’s not as you can see. Stay at home moms are so amazing in so many ways. We need to believe it and know our worth. We are there for our kids through mental breakdowns, frustrated times, toddler tantrums, and so much more. Sometimes as a stay at home mom it takes a mental toll on us and we have to take a step back and breath. Don’t be afraid to walk outside when you feel like the toddler inside is creating a hurricane in the living room right after you just cleaned it top to bottom. Tell yourself you got this and you can concur the world. I have said it before Your kids already think your Super Mom so stop trying to accomplish all the things in one day and enjoy the little things in life. Enjoy the time you have while your kids are young because one day when there all grown up, we will be begging for them to need our help and to come over so we can fix them a meal. Always remember Girl you are already amazing!

– Brianna Close

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