In Today’s article were going to talk about the 4 major keys to success in your business. If your in direct sales, network marketing or any other online business your in the right spot. Stay tuned!

Key #1: Patience

When starting an online business you have to learn to have patience. Let’s say you just started your business it is going to take time, consistency and work to grow before you even begin to start making money.

No matter what business you join it will never be an overnight success. People buy from people who they know, like, and trust. You have to build credibility with your audience or ideal client before they trust you enough to by from you.

It may take you 6 months before you begin to make any income but if you stay consistent and work through the rough patch you can and will get there.

Key #2: Perseverance

Perseverance plays a huge role in your online business. The life of our businesses often play out much as life itself does: we try, we fail, we get lucky and fall onto bad luck and occasionally make our own luck, and eventually everything ends one way or another. Things will break against you and your business far more often than you’d like, and probably more than you feel is fair.

In times like that we have to be able to put our heads down and keep at it when it might seem easier to give up, or more cathartic to sit in your office and complain about the unfairness of the universe.

Occasionally those bad breaks will be of your own doing; mistakes are as much a part of your business as they are of life, and sometimes those mistakes have consequences in the immediate and down the road. We could again just give up and throw in the towel, but instead we persevere and work to correct what we can and work past what we can’t.


Key #3: Positivity

Being positive in your business can help push you a long way. Yes being positive when things are going so well for you, but when it really counts is when you business has a rough month and you stay positive even when the going gets tough.

Your business will have not so good month, and then really good months. That’s just house the online business goes, you can’t expect to always have your business in full flood just going up each month.

Of course, you can make a lot of money and yes even on your bad months make money but it may not be as good as some of your months.

For me in my business my best month usually happen in November, and my slower months are during the summer. People are busy during the summer and don’t have as much time on there phones and there enjoy the weather with friends and family.

November is good because it’s right before the holidays and everyone is gearing up for the Christmas gift. Whether it’s summer or November I am grinding day in and day out because positivity and consistency will win every single time!


Key #4: Passion

No matter what you do in life if you want to have success in it you have to have passion. Let’s say you don’t have passion it’s hard to have fun, be happy, and positive in what it is your doing.

Wake up with so much passion that your audience gets excited about it to. Have so much passion that you become obsessed with what it is you are doing.

These 4 Keys are key to your business

Let’s say you stick to these keys it can help you grow your business in so many ways. Stay patient, positive, have perseverance, and so much passion it will help you explode in what it is you are trying to do or accomplish.

Let’s say you struggle to have positivity in your business when it’s at it’s low I would start doing affirmations every single day. This has really helped me stay focused and positive and believe in myself more times than I can count. Below I will leave 10 affirmations you can use and say to yourself daily that I personally use.





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