Knowing how to manage your time is a must when working from home and running an online business. I personally run my own business and work on having multiple streams of income. In this blog I am going to give you a few time management tip for working from home that have been successful for me.

Let me tell you there are so many things that need to be done throughout the day to keep my business running that I had to come up with a system that works for me.

A Schedule That Fits Your Life

Having a set working schedule that fits your family or personally life. It will help you stay on task and get your daily tasks done that are needed when running your business. As a busy mother I have to have a schedule or I catch myself just sitting around watching Netflix rather than working.

A schedule keeps me focused and helps me reach goals I need and want each month. When I didn’t have a schedule nothing got done and each month I was upset with my results and kept wondering why I was not growing online.

You need to make sure you give yourself scheduled time slots during the day when you know that you will be doing work during those hours and need no distractions. Of course if you have kids than that’s basically impossible as you and I both know kids will be kids which is OK as long as you still try to get as much as you can done.

I personally like to have time slot where I work in the morning and than another one during the mid-afternoon. I like to keep my nights open for time with my kids and family so I don’t have to be on my phone or computer taking time away from them at night plus nights are crazy for us doing baths, school work, supper, etc.

Now You Need A System With Your Schedule

A system is very important to have so you know that all the task you need to get done daily are getting done. Now that you have a schedule the system will keep you in line with what you will be doing during your working time slots.

For example: On Mondays I schedule all posts in my groups, blog page, Facebook, Instagram, & I also make all my Pinterest pins and schedule them out to. Thursdays I know I am making a YouTube Videos & Friday I am editing videos and uploading to YouTube. (If your interested in see my full schedule and what I do for my system feel free to reach out to me I may do another blog explaining my schedule in depth).

I like knowing exactly what I am doing on what days of the week. Otherwise, I feel like I wake up and don’t have a game plan of what to do and I catch myself doing other things that won’t help me grow my business or I end up doing the same tasks and forget the other important things I should be getting done.

How To Keep Organized

I use a planner to keep track of my daily life tasks as well as my work schedule. In my planner I don’t write out each task I have I personally just like to write 5a.m – 7a.m Working and than on my computer in the notes section I type out the daily tasks I have that day each morning and I check mark them off as I go.

In my binder on a sheet of regular paper I have the full week schedule and tasks for each day listed out so I have the general idea of what I will be doing. Now some days get crazy and its hard to get everything done and completed so it would than fall over to the next day and I would have to complete the day before tasks first.

If that means staying up late or getting up earlier than I will so I know I getting it all done. Below Are the links to my planner and binder I like to use. I like these because I can take them on the go so I have them if needed. I like to keep my planner in my purse so if I come up with blog posts ideas I can write them down quickly.


Consistency Is Key

Having a game plan daily will keep you consistent and help you better manage your time rather than scrolling through Facebook for hours to accomplish nothing in the end. Without a game plan you will feel like you don’t have the time to get your important tasks done.

Being consistent in your business and showing up daily will show the people your trying to attract that you are taking this business serious. It will help you gain trust in your audience and you will be able to grow more connections with them.

You want to make sure you are being present on social media platforms and in your groups if you have them to connect with people on a personally level.

Being consistent on social media will also get your business opportunity in front of more people and it will help grow your business faster. Most people have to see something multiple times before they decide to check it out or here more about it.

For example my blog I like to always notify my readers on all social media platform when I have launched a new post so they can check it out. I feel letting them know about each one will get your website and blog post out to more people and others who may have not seen my last posts about my blog.

If you would like to connect with me feel free to join my email list or my private Facebook group to check out who I am and my income streams I do and grow.

Your Plan

I would love to hear what you do for your online business and how you plan you week schedules. Do you use a planner?

Do you have a system that your successful with?

*Brianna Close

    10 replies to "Time Management Tips For Working From Home"

    • Lisa

      Having a scheduled time to do things when working online is a must. I agree if you don’t have one not much gets done except for scrolling on social media or watching net flicks. On Monday’s I schedule a weeks worth of posts for Face book.I write content 3/4 times a week and the other days I spend trying to make Pinterest pins, I’m not very arty and I struggle with that part. I always share each completed post on Pinterest. I also visit it every day and follow people.

    • Miraclex

      Hey Brianna, I’ve gone through your blog and have now made the necessary changes that would make working from home easier. Before now, I would just haphazardly write down a list of all things I’d like to achieve in a particular day. But I’ve learned to be be more thorough and have now gotten myself a planner. I will keep you updated on my progress. 

    • Anthony Hu

      Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I work at home and feel that my time management is poor. Sometimes I lose concentration on my work and don’t know how to effectively manage my time spending.

      Your article is useful for me. I particularly like your description on How To Keep Organized, which is a helpful guidance for me. I have no planner to keep track of my daily life tasks and no clear work schedule, just do something when I feel it is time to do. I definitely need to following guidance and Need to have a high quality planner, which allow me to document what to do in well defined timeline. 

    • Christina

      Hi Brianna! You definitely have a good system going. Well done.

      As for myself, I currently do not have any set schedule, haha. Or rather, I do much of my scheduling in my head! “Ehh, I’ll do… a post every other day or so, unless I find something better… Pop onto Wealthy Affiliates now and then… And do it when I feel like it.”

      Definitely not the most efficient way of doing things, haaa. Works better with my mental disabilities though. It allows me the sort of flexibility I need to work around them, and thankfully I’m driven enough that I can still get things done despite not having set timelines.

      Scheduling in time blocks works better for some people than others. I’ve tried it a few times in the past and always ended up frustrated. It takes work to find something that not only suits your lifestyle but your biochemistry too!

    • Cathy

      I have a very packed work schedule and currently blog part-time. I keep a to-do list on my phone and a physical planner I carry around for convenience. Honestly, I prefer the latter. Nothing beats writing down your thoughts on paper. The connection to your actions is much more significant than squeezing everything into the phone. I feel I could actually get more things done when writing them down on a planner vs using my digital check-list.

    • brie

      I agree 

    • brie

      yes I agree what works for me might not work for others. It’s all about finding a system that works for you and your lifestyle

    • brie

      We all have days where we get busy or feel lazy. The key is to keep pushing and trying different things to keep you motivated and organized so you have less lazy days. 

    • brie

      I would love to here your progress. Keep up the good work you got this!

    • brie

      That’s a good system! I use canva for my Pinterest pins because I also struggle with the crafty and creative side. I use the free version and it has seemed to help me a lot 

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