In a recent blog post I gave a run down of my cleaning schedule and what I personally do. I wanted to also recommend and give a review of the products I like to use. I have a few top house cleaning products that I live by and have tried so many products and some just don’t reach my standards.

Bathrooms Are Gross

With having 2 kiddos I am very picky when it comes to our bathroom and to be honest I feel that your bathroom should be the cleanest spot in the house other than the kitchen. Bathrooms have the most germs and bacteria that should be scrubbed at least every week if not more.

Bathroom Cleaner

My top house cleaning product I want to go over is called Mean Green. Mean Green is a mildew and soap scum killer and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. I personally don’t use it in my kitchen because I don’t feel that it should be on my counter tops just because of the chemicals.

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How It Works

Spray it on your bathroom counters, toilets, & bathtubs or showers. I let it sit for at least 5 minutes and when you first spray the cleaner it is white but as soon as you let it sit for a bit it turns green which means its working. Take a wet wash cloth and wipe down the surfaces where you sprayed the cleaner. I make sure to wipe it multiple times to make sure the cleaner is complete wiped up.

In the bath tube it wipes away any ring or soap scum you may have but once again just make sure to rinse very well. The cleaner does have a strong smell to it so you don’t need to over spray since it is strong enough with just a couple sprays.

Kitchens Are Important Too

When cleaning my kitchen I make sure to only use antibacterial dawn dish soap on my counters because I don’t want chemical on the counter where we cook and have food. I will wipe them all down with a washcloth multiple times. There are some times I do use bleach on my counters because I do have white counter tops but I always wipe with dish soap and water after to make sure no bleach is left.

Sink Cleaner

My sink I also like to scrub weekly and for that I use Bar Keepers friend. It is not a spray but more like a powder I sprinkle all over the sink and than scrub with a sponge pad and a wash cloth. This cleaner can also be used on bathrooms, cookware and outdoors if you wanted to try those places to.

With this cleaner you will want to let it sit only for about 1 minute and than wipe multiple times to insure the residue is all gone. If you happen to not wipe it all good enough you would see a small white film layer and than you would know it is not all cleaned. This is one reason I don’t use it on the counter tops is because I feel it spreads all over too much and is hard to tell on a white counter top where the cleaner is and I am afraid I will miss some Spots.

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Bar Keepers Friend

I have heard from several others that it will also restore any old rusty pots, pans or ceramic items. I have not tried it yet but I am planning on giving it a go one of these days. When trying it on certain surfaces try a little at a time to ensure that it won’t hurt or harm it before pouring a lot. This cleaner does not have strong smell when using it which I really like.

Dusting Surfaces

I am very picky with what type of cleaners I use when dusting surfaces such as wood, picture frames, light switches etc. I don’t like using a lot of wood cleaners such as Murphys Oil, or pledge because I feel those get greasy and leave a film on my decor. I am always making sure I find something with antibacterial in it for dusting because with kids they tough EVERYTHING and I want to make sure the germs are gone.

Pine-Sol Multipurpose Cleaner

Pine-Sol is by far my favorite when dusting. It smells amazing and makes your house smell fresh and clean. They do have multiple scents you can choose from that you may like better then the other. I usually by the lemon or lavender scented ones.

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Many Uses

I like that you can use it on everything wood, plastic, glass etc and you don’t have to keep changing cleaners for everything you are dusting which just gets straight up confusing and hard to keep track of what goes to what. You can use Pine-Sol on basically everything bathrooms, kitchens, dusting, & even Mopping which I love. The cost of a huge bottle of Pine-Sol is very low and lasts a long time. On the back of the container it shows you how to dilute it so its not just straight Pine-Sol and its super easy to do so. I bought a smaller spray bottle to use and mix it in for easy grabbing and going.

What are your favorite cleaning products? Do you use chemical free?

* Brianna Close

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