Product: Tori Belle Lashes

Price: $35.00 Lashes

Price:$40.00 Magnetic Eyeliner

Bundle: $55.00 Magnetic Liner & Lashes

My Rating: 10 Out Of 10

The Tori Belle Lashes, Product Overview

As a stay at home/ working from home Momma I don’t always need to get fully ready for my day. Some days I don’t even have to leave the house (which I love) so I don’t feel its necessary to waste a bunch of makeups. Being a mom gets super busy and sometimes I think we forget to take care of ourselves because we are so busy doing ALL the things.

There are some days even though I don’t have to leave or go anywhere that I want to put on makeup just for my own personal self. It makes me feel more motivated believe it or not, and I feel refreshed and ready for my day. I always been into Lashes and trying to make them look bold but mascara always left them clumpy or as full as I would have liked.

The Tori Belle Lashes are a HOT product on my list! The first time I tried them I was in disbelief because I tried multiple glue on eyelashes that never did the trick or took HOURS just to get on. Glue on eyelashes would end up falling off half-way though the night which was always frustrating.

Tori Belle Lashes & Magnetic eyeliner is a complete game changer and I will be going over why and all the features in the next few paragraphs so stay with me!

5 Main Lash Styles – To Fit You Perfectly

Now you may be thinking they only have 1 set that fits everyone and might be to long or bold for you. They have multiple styles from all natural look to the boldest you can go. I myself love going full bold on me looks and getting heads turning but if that’s not for you that totally ok. ( do what feels more comfortable with you girl)

Let’s start with the most natural looking lash to the boldest!

  1. 9 to 5 – Ultra Classy & Luxurious for your everyday wear. Classy enough for work & Elegant enough for cocktails. 10 magnets, 5mm – 11.5mm lash length
  2. Wonderlash – Medium volume, naturally curved lashes, with a cat-eye flair, feathery and ultra-realistic. Faux mink downy tips give this lash a soft look and feel. Evenly dispersed fine lashes. 10 magnets per lash, 4mm – 12mm lash length, trimmable
  3. Date Night – This is the perfect lash for a romantic dinner or sunset walk on the beach with that special someone!

Medium volume, natural curved lashes that are 3-D, feathery, and ultra-realistic. Faux mink feathery tips give this lash a soft look and feel. Evenly dispersed fine lashes with soft natural flares of three different lengths. 10 magnets, 6mm – 13mm lash length, trimmable from both ends

4. Ladies Night – Get ready for a night out with the girls! You’re sure to turn heads with our fabulous Ladies Night lashes! 10x1mm magnets 5mm – 13.5mm lash length, trimmable

5. Selfie – Always be photo-ready! Make a statement with our beautiful and bold “Selfie” lash! 10 x 1mm magnets, 6.5mm – 14mm lash length, trimmable from both ends

They do occasionally offer some limited time offer styles as well but keep an eye out because those go quickly.

* Magnetic products should not be worn in or near an MRI machine. All Eyelashes are Nylon, Gluten-free, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free

My Favorite Style

My favorite sets are Wonderlash & Selfie (See pictures to the right to check them out). First picture is Wonderlash and second one is Selfie.

Wonderlash is more of a fuller Lash look which I love wearing for my normal day to day. They are not as bold as some others and I feel they are the perfect fill.

Selfie Is my go too I absolutely obsessed with this style as I mention above I like bold looks and these are totally bold for a night out!

Magnetic Eyeliner

Every pair of magnetic Eyelashes will need unless you use the anchors ( we will talk about anchors coming up). Magnetic eyeliner comes in a few different colors Classic black, classic brow, classic gray, and than USA made Black. The classic ones come in a black colored tube and the made in the USA one comes in a gold tube.

Classic black Magnitude Magnetic Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, latex-free, nickel free and magnetic! It glides on smooth and stays on. Magnitude Magnetic Eyeliner doesn’t move unless you take it off! There’s no running, fading or flaking (which I love). I wore the magnetic liner and lashes on a day I was out in the hard rain for about an hour and they did not move!

They Do offer a product called SHAKE IT OFF for easily removing any of the liner but I personally just use my regular wipes and it works just as good.

Made in the USA The Original formula is now the first Magnetic Eyeliner made in the USA! Hypoallergenic, water-resistant, smudge-proof, latex-free, and magnetic. Smooth and easy to apply. It doesn’t run, fade, or flake – through wind and rain, Magnitude Magnetic eyeliner keeps your lashes on and beautiful. ( I personally have not tried this one) but I heard it is just as good as the classic black.

Lash Anchors

Lash anchors are perfect when you first get your lashes to help shape them to your eyes and the fit you personally like. I Use them on the inside corners and outside corners of my eyes which also help give little more support if your worried about the corners coming up (Mine don’t but at first they can). I only use the anchors the first few wears and after that I don’t feel they are needed because they hold great without them.

Some ladies that may night like the look of eyeliner may chose to use the anchors instead of eyeliner. Another awesome thing about the anchors are they change the look, so maybe you have the 9 to 5 lashes and want a little more fill than you could add in some anchors where needed.

Lash Bling

Guess what?! It gets even better, they also have Lash Bling!! Crystal Lash Bling is the perfect accessory when you are extra! Twenty magnetic crystals & two crystal-encrusted strips made to pair with Magnitude Magnetic Lashes. I don’t know about you but I love anything Bling! I love that you can spice it up to the next level and to be honestly the lashes themselves are spicy but who doesn’t love more.

Price Is It To Much?

The lashes themselves are $35.00 and the magnetic eyeliner is $40.00 but if you bundle the two you get it for $55.00 which to me is a steal! I know other ladies that get eyelash extensions but those would cost anywhere from $100-$200 every few weeks ( which to me is crazy). I almost got the eyelash extensions until a friend of mine recommended Tori Belle and I am so Thankful she did because wow did I save some money. I tried the cheap Walmart ones and they are hard and don’t stay well at all which makes it very frustrating.

How Long Do They Last?

Each lash style is designed and advertised to last 30-40 wears but I gotten even more than that out of mine. To get the most out of your lashes they recommend keeping them dry and keeping them stored in their magnetic box that you get with each set. They also recommend cleaning the magnetic after each wear by gently using your finger nails to scrap off the residue from the eyeliner. I a comparison picture here showing the difference in a brand new set and one after 52 wears. I don’t think they look to bad after 52 wears especially for the price you’re paying.

Policies & Guarantee

In order to get a refund all products must be purchased through the website or an affiliate’s website. I know other ladies get do purchase through an affiliate they would want you to contact the affiliate you got them from to process further. All the returns must have the shipping able on the package that was sent with the products and you must ship all item you received back to them. There are no exchanges so make sure you choose the correct set you want. Tori Belle also does not pay shipping cost when returning any products.

Cosmetic products can be refundable or returned up to 14 days for all unused items. Lashes can only be refundable after 3 days of the delivery confirmation ( No questions asked).

If anything is damaged when you received the lashes or products you have to notify them with 3 days and have pictures of the damages to show proof. If they choose to replace your item it has to be the exact same thing you ordered, you can’t change styles or products. I did have a pair of lashes I received and wore once and when I took them off 2 magnets fell off I sent pictures and contacted them right away and they did send me a new pair right away. I would say as long as your honest and send proof you would be fine with getting a new pair if damaged.

All clearance sales are FINAL!

When purchasing your bundles or eyelashes their is always FREE shipping on any orders which I love!

I hope this review was helpful in your decision to purchase Tori Belle Lashes because girl you need them!

Do you like fake eyelashes or magnetic? Do you wear Glue on Lashes?

Leave Your comments and feedback below so I can hear how much you love them!

*Brianna Close


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    • Marsha Pearson

      I love your review of these lashes. Will you be making a video that shows application? What you mention about “staying in” due to the Corona Virus is definitely true. I’ve decided lately, though, to begin getting a bit more dressed nicely, even if I’ staying home. It makes me feel more ready for the work day.

    • brie

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes I do have a few videos on my Facebook Page about applying the eyelashes and how that works. 

      Feel free to check it out

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