What do I need to start a YouTube channel? People keep asking me this very question so I thought it would be best to do a blog post on it. Many people think you need all these fancy tools, gadgets & upfront money but the truth is you don’t need any of that when getting started. Did you know you can start for FREE TODAY?! Yes, that’s right FREE!

Let’s talk about what I use for equipment and how I got started. If you’re wanting to start a YouTube channel this is for you my friends.

First Things First

I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you want to start a YouTube channel?
  • What is the purpose of the channel?
  • What will you be talking about on the channel or your niche?
  • What are your goals for the channel?

I would write down all those questions and answer them so you have a good idea and plan of what you will be talking about on YouTube. I have a YouTube channel and decided to get one to go with my blog posts. Some people like watching videos more than reading which for me as well I would rather watch a video.

I got my YouTube channel to help grow my brand and business online and have multiple streams of income. I think sometimes people over think YouTube and get overwhelmed with what it all takes to be a YouTube creator. It is not as hard as it may seem believe it or not. Sure, there will be learning curves but that’s with anything new you decide to do in life.

As you grow on YouTube it will begin to get easier over time. There are always tons of tips, tricks, and other YouTubers giving advice on the platform.

What Do I Need To Start A YouTube Channel? Niche

Create An Account

In order to start a YouTube channel you will have to create an account just head over to YouTube.com to do so. Creating an account is easy and they will need basic information from you.

I would start asking yourself what you are going to want your YouTube channel name to be because they will be wanting you to know that too. I personally used my own name for my channel because my blog and brand is also with my first and last name. I did this because I wanted to brand myself in case there was ever a time I wanted or needed to change my niche I was able to do so without changing everything.

Branding yourself with your name I highly recommend especially if you may be talking about a few different topics. When growing on YouTube or your blog I do recommend trying to keep your niche narrow when starting out to help you grow and figure out what your audience will want to hear or topic they will like.

What Do I Need To Start A YouTube Channel? A YouTube account

Let’s Talk Equipment

The one thing people get wrong is that they think they need all this fancy equipment which is not true. I have not been on YouTube very long and I this is what I started with:

  • My cellphone I use daily & to be honest it isn’t an expensive iPhone but it gets the job done
  • I edit all my videos from my phone by cropping the clips from google photos
  • I put all my video clips I took together with a free app called Inshot that makes the video all in one
  • Once you have the video ready to go I upload onto YouTube and edit the rest through the YouTube free editor this is where I also add music because they have a list of free music right there for you
  • I use Canva.com to make my thumbnail on YouTube it’s easy, free and them have a template ready for it for the correct size you will need
  • So for lighting I usually just make sure I am by a window and light is coming through and that seems to do really good but I did just recently purchase a ring light stand and I use that occasionally

This is all I am currently using because I just started my YouTube channel recently. It has been working fine for me and this would work fine for you too. I have done tons of training and research to assure you that starting for free and with the basics will help you get going now. Later down the road when you start making money you can get a fancy camera or top-notch editing system.

What do I need To Start A YouTube Channel? This is it my friends

Consistency Is Key

Now that you have created the account and you have the basic equipment to get going you will want to make a plan. How many times a week, or month are you going to be posting? I post once a week on my YouTube and blog which I feel works very good for my audience. I feel that if you are posting too much it is too hard for your audience to keep up and they get overwhelmed with it. I usually post a video by Friday’s or that’s the goal. Sometimes as a mom of 2 things get in the way but I try to stick to it as much as possible.

Being consistent on the platform will help you grow faster in the long run. Don’t post 1 or 2 videos and then fall off the face of the earth because your audience won’t take you serious and then you won’t grow.

Make sure you’re showing up and bringing the audience you want to attract good valuable content or interesting content to keep them watching. Be yourself at all times don’t try to portray as anyone else, people relate to people they like and have an interest with.

Do NOT think you have to be perfect in every video because you do not have to at all we are all human and it’s ok. Its better to mess up then be going off of a script and sounding like your reading something word for word.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

What Do I Need To Start A YouTube Channel? Consistency

What Do I Need To Start A YouTube Channel Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and that it helps you on your YouTube Journey. As always if you need any help or have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you have a YouTube channel? If so how long have you had one?

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My YouTube Equipment: Phone,  Canva, Ring Light Stand


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