This topic is one for the books for me. I was blessed with the world best eaters NOT (LOL). My kids are terrible when it comes to eating. I just can’t figure out why my kids are picky eaters. We have tried everything and chicken nuggets still end up being their supper. Why are kids picky eaters you ask? Well unfortunately that’s something I am still trying to figure out myself.

2 Year Old Only Wants Junk

Kashton who is 2 is an extremely picky eater oh course he will try just about anything that looks like chocolate but has to lick it a few times before giving it a go. There are only a handsful of things he will actually eat and enjoy which are Chicken nuggets, pop tarts, cookies, ice cream, chips & cereal. When it comes to drinking liquids he won’t drink any types of juice which is fine since a lot of juice has sugar in it, but sometimes water is a struggle so we were advised to but water in his milk since he is crazy about milk.

I have tried and tried to expand his food selection but every time I do he either sits their and won’t eat or throws a complete fit. I always give him what we are having for supper before I give in to him. I have tried to let him go hungry but by nighttime he just get crabby from not eating and our doctor says as long as he its something I shouldn’t be worried. When he does eat the things he enjoys he will eat a lot of it and get full which I am thankful for but chicken nuggets for lunch and supper everyday you think would get old.

Our doctor has told us multiple,le times that its just a stage but when does it end? I am beyond frustrated with it and can’t wait for the stage to end. I am going to assume when he gets older he will hate chicken nuggets (LOL) but for now I will do as our doctor says and try to introduce foods daily to him and do what I can and pray that he breaks this.

Must Be Cooked A Certain Way

Our 5 year old daughter is picky eater as well but not near as bad as her brother. She will eat a variety of food but she only like things cooked a certain way and if she sees its not cooked to her liking she won’t eat it. Now that she is getting older it makes it a bit easier trying to make her eat new things and set guidelines. She loves mac n cheese which most kiddos do (oh but not our son) and wants to eat that basically every day but we limit it. She is really good about eating fruits and vegetables which I thought would help her brother want to try more but apparently not. She will eat hot dogs but not if they are grilled or ham and cheese sandwich but only with ketchup or she refuses. (LOL)

Frustrated Parents

As parents my hubby and I are super frustrated because cooking supper at night becomes a hassle trying to fit in the foods they like which is a small selections and cook it to their liking. I hope this is just a stage especially for our son. I think my daughter will always be picky but not near as bad as some kids.

The doctor told us to keep hope and to just keep trying out different ideas and foods. We decided to try to make cooking fun and introduce foods in fun shapes or styles my daughter enjoys it but Kashton our son is still not into it which I am sure he will get their eventually. ( fingers crossed) I think that as long as they are eating and are healthy getting the correct amount of food that everything will be ok. I will link a book about picky eaters that I have found to be helpful as well as some fun shape cutters you could try out.

Vitamins For Kids

I think that all kids no matter how they eat should take vitamins to help them stay healthy and get all the nutrition they need. No matter what they eat their bodies are still developing and growing and taking a multivitamin daily can help them grow strong and healthy. My kids really like gummy vitamins rather than the crunchy candy one’s so i highly recommend those gummy’s. We take our gummy’s every morning when we first get up with our breakfast so it is out of the way and we don’t forget about it. I will link the vitamins we use below and you can feel free to check them out if you would like. There are 2 below because we switch off back and forth 🙂


Are Your Kids Picky?

I would love some feedback on this topic as it has been a real struggle for us. Do you kids only eat certain foods? What things have you tried to get your kids to eat more or different foods?

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