In this article we are going to be talking about gut health. I think so many people forget about gut health and how important it is for your over all health.

Having good gut health can help you protect you from nutrient deficiencies, constipation, obesity, diabetes, auto immune disease, infections, heart disease, depression, anxiety & cancer.

Why Its So Important To Our Health

If you constantly feel sick, tired, cranky, bloated, and uncomfortable, chances are you are not taking care of your gut. There is nothing more important that a regulated and well-balanced gut when it comes to maintaining good health.

Around 80% of the body’s immune cells can be found in the gut. An unbalanced mix of gut bacteria can create chaos in your body.

Your gut could be to blame if you are prone to catching every flu or infection that goes around. Gut microbiome controls the way your immune system works by communicating with the immune cells.

It is also responsible for gently stimulating the immune cells to constantly release a low amount of antibodies. This helps your body stay active and prepared for any infectious invasion.

The intestinal tract has a sticky mucous layer that is covered on the inside with good bacteria. Without the right level of probiotics, fungi take up root in the gut lining.

Fungus can severely damage your gut lining which in turn affects your immune system. Foreign substances and proteins can leak through the gut lining into the blood stream.

Gut Health Helps Support Nutritional Deficiency


Multiple studies show that your gut health helps prevent nutrient deficiencies by:

  • producing vitamins directly in the intestine for you to absorb, including vitamin K and the B-vitamins
  • producing fuel for the cells lining the intestine to keep them absorbing nutrients at full capacity
  • communicating with the cells lining the intestines when to and when not to grow and divide and to keep the lining of the wall at the right thickness for optimal nutrient absorption

Studies also show that gut bacteria are able to break down normally non digestible components of food, such as dietary fiber, into molecules that the body can use for fuel.


Healthy Gut Can Protect You From Infections

Evidence suggests that a healthy gut can increase your ability to fight off everything from a simple sinus infection or yeast infection to a life-threatening infection, like pneumonia.

A healthy gut may even boost your immune system enough to make vaccinations from your doctor more effective. Vaccines work by introducing a part of a dangerous bacteria or virus to your immune system so that it can recognize the whole bacteria or virus if it comes across it later.

A healthy microbiota boosts the ability of white blood cells to find and memorize these pieces, improving how well the vaccine can protect you. This has been proven for specific vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, but future studies may show that this effect is common for most vaccines.

This allowed scientists to study the over one trillion bacteria that live in the human intestine. These bacteria are commonly referred to as gut microbiota or gut flora.

Gut Health Takes A Huge Role In Toilet Habits

Regular bowel movements are vital to protecting your overall health. Not only do they prevent the pain and bloating associated with constipation, they dramatically reduce your risk of developing two serious conditions:

  • hernias — straining to pass the hard, dry stools caused by irregular bowel movements puts you at serious risk for developing a hernia. A hernia occurs when an intestine or other organ pushes through the wall of your abdomen or diaphragm. This is not only debilitating painful but may also become life-threatening.
  • Colon cancer — though occasional constipation likely has little effect, having irregular bowel movements for extended periods of time puts you at greater risk for certain types of cancer. This is because bowel movements are responsible for removing toxins and digestive fluids from your body. If you are not having regular bowel movements, these toxins stay in your body, potentially promoting cancer.

Having A Healthy Gut Affects Our Overall Health

Having a healthy overall gut can affect so many things in our bodies. In this article we went over a few things that it can take a toll on in our bodies if our gut is not healthy. There are so many more things that it can affect then what we discussed today.

Having good gut health
can help protect you from everything from nutrient deficiencies and constipation to obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infections, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and cancer.

I have a freebie I would like to share with you that I have created with a list of things you can eat to help maintain good gut health.

If you’re having a hard time with keeping your gut health under control like I was even after trying to eat the correct gut health food I will be putting a link to a product that I love and has really improved my gut and issues I was having.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you understand how important gut health really is.

*Brianna Close

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