In this article I am going to be discussing with you about 2 of my favorite work from home jobs that I personally do and have had success with. I love these work from home “jobs” so it totally does not even feel like work or a job. Remember no matter what you do find something you will enjoy and love because it will make it that much better and the success will feel even greater.

Working From Home

Working from home is by far the best choice I have made. I get to be at home with my son all day long and I don’t have to pay a dime to daycare costs which can be outrageously priced. I get to take my daughter to school and pick her up every single day, which I love seeing the look on her face so happy to see me every day. Being able to go to doctor appointments whenever needed without worrying if you ave to ask for a day off and lose out on money is a huge plus.

Working from home has a ton of benefits and I highly encourage others to look into it as well if it is an option for there families and lifestyles.

Direct Sales Companies

The top 2 jobs or companies I am going to be talking about are direct sales companies. Direct sales jobs are promoting another companies products and earning a commission off them when they sell. With direct sales the products have to sell in order for you to make money. Doing online parties, in home parties, promoting on social media such as Facebook, or Instagram is a way to show the products you’re promoting or representing.

Building a team underneath you through the company also can make you money. Some companies offer commission when you get someone to join the company to be a re seller of the products and you could earn a percentage off what they sell under you. It does take some time and training someone new under you so they can be successful and get the hang of things.

Direct sales is something I have personally always been into because I feel like you gain a family and then a team that helps, encourages, & pushes everyone to do good and hit there goals. Usually in most direct sales companies there are training that you can take to learn about the products and company. I think that direct sales is an easy work from home job that doesn’t require a ton of time or learning which I like because I have kids and life sure gets crazy around here. You don’t need to clock in or have a boss, it’s basically your own business and you get to pick and choose how much work you put in and what all you want to do when promoting.

#1 Zyia Activewear

Zyia Activewear is my favorite direct sales company i have joined. They offer comfy amazing momma clothes which lets be real I need that! Working for this company has allowed me to get free active wear just for promoting the company.

Rep Requirements include:

  • $300 Every 6 months to stay an active rep
  • $200 Every Month to get a commission check
  • $600 A month to have website fee waived ( website fee $15.00 a month)
  • $1,000 a month gets you 8% commission raise
  • No on hand stock

  • Cash bonuses

  • Incentive Trips
  • Training

When joining Zyia Activewear you get 25% off all items on the site, as well as cash bonuses for hitting promotions or goals they are offer that month. They pay once a month on the 10th and it can be direct deposited right to your bank account which is so easy. You earn 20% commission on all sales but if you hit $1,000 in sales that month ever order before the $1,000 and after will turn into 28% commission instead.

There are team pages and chats to keep you informed on new product releases and items that come in stock. They also have a page where you can get images of others in the Activewear for you to promote on your social media.

The Starter kit for anyone in the USA costs $295 which is not very high for starting your own business. Canada starter kit costs $135 and as of right now those are the only locations they allow to join the company and promote it. With the starter kit you will get a few staple piece’s and business tools to get you going. I have a picture below showing the starter kit for USA and Canada. Anyone can join this company men or women because they have active wear for everyone they even have something for kids!

#2 Tori Belle Lashes

I personally also sell with Tori Belle and completely love it. I feel like it goes with Zyia Activewear and self appearance as a mom I get tired of looking like a tired mom and just want to feel more confident in my own body and the way I look. Tori Belle offers magnetic eyelashes, eye shadows, eyebrow kits, lip gloss & more. This specific company does not have a lot of requirements you have to hit in order to stay active rep. You can also grow a team underneath you as well to get more commissions from down lines.

Why Tori Belle?

  • 25%- 40% commissions

  • No monthly minimum sales required

  • Cash Bonuses

  • Incentive Trips

  • Training
  • No on hand stock

Commissions can be paid through direct deposit or PayPal. Orders placed between the 1st – 14th you would be paid on the 20th for those 25% based commission. Placed orders 15th through the end of the month paid on the 5th of the following month 25% based commissions. Any bonuses you get throughout the month would be paid on the 10th of the following month they are earned. I like this a lot because you could actually be getting paid about 3 times a month.

It costs $129.00 to join there is free shipping and The starter kit is valued at $155. You get 4 staple piece’s with the kit which I have shown below.

Pick Something You Will Enjoy

I can’t express enough about how important it is to pick something you will enjoy and love. It will be hard to do the work and promote a company that you don’t like or have never tried. Trying the products beforehand I highly encourage so you know personally that it is a good products and you like it.

Don’t join just for the money yes I know we all need to make money and join something that will give us good commissions but it’s about helping others and the money will come. If you think only about the money it’s going to be hard to sell and persuade others to buy. People buy from people they like that are helping others. Make sure to do plenty of research before joining and make sure the person you might be joining under is going to be there and willing to help you get going.

Are you in a direct sales company if so comment below what one? Are you looking to join a work from home direct sales company feel free to reach out if you are interested or need any help or advice šŸ™‚

* Brianna Close

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